Christopher Nolan's New Movie, "Tenet," Has A Trailer And What The What

    What! Is! This! Movie! About!

    Even if you have the most passive relationship with filmmaking, you're still probably familiar with the incredibly intriguing but often mysterious work of writer/director Christopher Nolan.

    It's been a couple of years since we received a new film from Nolan — with Dunkirk in 2017 being the last — but that's all going to change come 2020 with his highly-anticipated new film, Tenet, which received its first full-length trailer today:

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    And please allow me to speak for every person on this planet when I ask...what the actual HECK did I just watch?!

    In the true spirit of GREAT trailers for Nolan movies, we get very little information about the story itself — it's more about visuals and tone — but allow me to break down what we DO get.

    We have John David Washington* scaling a building while an ominous voiceover questions the meaning of true heroism and self-sacrifice...and that's just how it STARTS.

    From what the trailer reveals, it appears that — by not giving up his colleagues even in the face of death — Washington's character has passed some sort of "test," which allows him to join in on some super-secret spy business.

    The super-secret spy business is tasked with stopping what the trailer describes only as "something worse" than a "nuclear holocaust."

    And the rest of the trailer is, of course, chock full of some excellent Nolan staples, like epic car chases!

    Heck, we even get surprise Robert Pattinson?! I wasn't ready, but I'm grateful!

    OH, and of course, we get some Michael Caine!

    But then — at the very end of the trailer — we're gifted the most Christopher Nolan-y thing ever, guaranteeing this film's incredibleness...THE CONFIRMATION THAT THIS IS GOING TO INVOLVE SOME TIME TRAVEL, Y'ALL.

    Naturally, eager fans about lost their damn minds at this incredible trailer:

    Chris Nolan really gonna make us wait until July next year to experience the best movie of the millennium

    Some fans even imagined how Nolan probably came up with this out-there idea in the first place:

    chris nolan is sitting around, enjoying a pleasant afternoon of tea and biscuits with his family, then he remembers that time exists and is passing by, he is suddenly terrified and begins to write another movie

    Seriously, this man knows how to spend 20 years:

    the way chris nolan starts the 2000s with memento, 2010s with inception and 2020s with tenet

    So yeah, there ya have it! Be sure to catch this sure-to-be masterpiece when it hits theaters July 17, 2020!