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    Sep 27, 2019

    18 Funny As Heck Tweets About The Tekashi 69 Trial

    "Breaking News: Tekashi 69 has revealed the secret formula for the Krabby Patty."

    So this week rapper Tekashi 69 is on trial, where he faces multiple charges including racketeering and drug charges. In order to reduce his sentence, he's named several people he claims were also involved in various crimes.

    Bob Levey / Getty Images

    Naturally, the internet was READY with some A+ memes about the whole situation. Here are just a few of the absolute funniest:



    Judge: You still have 20 more years. 6ix9ine: You know why people be going to self-checkout?


    This was Tekashi in court today just naming off all the gang members #Tekashi69 #6ix9ine


    #6ix9ine Breaking News: Tekashi 6ix9ine has revealed the secret formula for the krabby patty


    Judge: Are you done. 6ix9ine: Spider-Man's real name is Peter parker. Spider-Man:



    Judge: you're still looking at about 20 years Tekashi69: Scar put the hit out on Mufasa


    #6ix9ine 69: I ainโ€™t no snitch Judge: Fine, 47 years for you. 69: Yโ€™all wanna know where the 6 infinity stones are?


    #BreakingNews : Tekashi 6ix9ine reveals; Bob Marley shot the sheriff and infact, did shoot the deputy.


    Absolutely no one: Not a single soul: Not even the judge: Tekashi #6ix9ine in cout right now:


    Judge: is that all ? #6ix9ine : did you know that Miley Stewart is actually Hannah Montana ?


    Breaking news: Tekashi69 just told jurors who let the dogs out, revealed what the lonely actually do at Christmas and signed a written statement declaring that you can, in fact, stand the rain.


    Judge: Y- Tekashi 69: Yโ€™all heard of making new accounts for free subscriptions?


    Tekashi 69 gunna be in the courtroom tmrw like


    Judge: Is there anything else Tekashi69: Jesus turned water into wine without a liquor license


    BREAKING NEWS! Sources have reported that Tekashi 69 KNOWS who really killed Bryce Walker! #13ReasonsWhy3 #Tekashi6ix9ine


    6ix9ine just took a DNA test. Turns out he's 100% that snitch.

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