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    23 "Star Wars" Prequel Jokes That Definitely Have The High Ground

    Yeah, sex is cool, but did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise?

    1. This understandable confusion:

    2. This terrifying realization:

    people forget jar jar binks successfully won a senatorial campaign in-between phantom menace and attack of the clones

    3. This...choice:

    4. This living nightmare:

    Anakin watching Rey bury his lightsaber. On Tatooine. In the sand.

    5. This easy fight:

    6. where the fun begins:

    the most relatable shit in cinema anakin skywalker saying "this is where the fun begins" and then 2 hours and 10 minutes later his best friend tried to kill him, his wife is dead and he's personally doomed the entire galaxy. it really be like that some nights

    7. This Jedi-level meme use:

    8. This horrifying decision:

    Rewatching the Star Wars prequels and I gotta be honest: Anakin was into killing children super fast. Really 0 to 100 on that. No hesitation. I’m just saying he could’ve slept on it

    9. This perfect crossover:

    10. This actual clip from the film:

    The Obi-Wan vs Anakin fight was a lot cooler than I remembered

    11. This accurate depiction:

    12. This disappointed grandmother:

    Padmé seeing Ben rocking the same outfit for two films.

    13. This glaring similarity:

    14. This LIE we've all been told:

    still can't believe that Star Wars tried to tell me the biggest lie in the world AKA that Padme Amidala would have a crush on a tiny whiny child over THE BEAUTIFUL, OLDER, COMPETENT MAN WHO SAVED HER LIFE TWICE, OBI-WAN KENOBI

    15. This far better ending:

    16. This father/son cloning combo:

    17. This summation of three films:

    18. This...other perfect crossover:

    19. This dad competition:

    20. This obvious casting choice:

    21. This sick burn:

    22. This unfortunate adoption:

    23. And finally, this beautiful poem:

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