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    "Spiral: From The Book Of Saw" — Chris Rock's New "Saw" Film — Has A Trailer, And Holy Heck

    "It's a trap!" —Admiral Ackbar, but also me, watching this trailer.

    Y'all, it's been OVER A YEAR since we received our first lil' teaser trailer for Spiral: From the Book of Saw — a Saw franchise film starring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson.*

    But fret no longer, my freaky film-loving friends! As of this week, we finally got our first full-length trailer for the film and, I gotta say, it was worth the wait! Just call this trailer the human spirit in one of John Kramer's traps, because I'm about to break! This! Down!

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    Listen — IDK.

    The trailer begins with Detective Zeke Banks (Chris Rock) receiving a ~special delivery~ at his precinct. A beautiful, almost Tiffany's-colored box. Oh, Jigsaw, you shouldn't have!

    After playing the very creepy recording on the USB drive he received inside of the box, a distorted voiceover asks, "Do you know where your officers are?" And guess what? THE PIGGIES ARE BACK ON THEIR BULLSHIT.

    Then, we get our usual, "But the Jigsaw killer guy is dead, tho..." remark (not an exact quote), so if you had that on your Saw bingo card, I have good news!!!

    Amid the chaos, the detective visits his father (Samuel L. Jackson) who has literally zero time for any of this foolishness, which...tbh, relatable.

    We then get a lot of flashes of action, which includes some brand-new trappy-traps:

    A WHOLE LOT of spray-painted spirals (LOL, she kinda said the name of the movie):

    And, most importantly to long-time fans, a quick glimpse of a photo of the man himself — John Kramer (Tobin Bell), aka the one, true Jigsaw — confirming that this film will, at the very least, acknowledge the other franchise's existence:

    The whole trailer culminates in the creepy voice from the USB asking, "When was the last time you saw your father?" and we see MR. JACKSON STRUNG UP IN A TRAP. Um, how dare they?! I'm worried!!! Oh, no, not for him...for the puppet and the piggies.

    I'm honestly pretty excited about this! I miss when there was a time that I could count on seeing a new Saw film every single year. I took that for granted!!!

    So, um, yeah, there ya have it! Be sure to catch Spiral: From the Book of Saw when it hits theaters May 14!