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Our First Trailer For "Sorry To Bother You" Is Here And Holy Heck, Guys

"I hope you did not masturbate today, we need you sharp and ready to go."

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So, today we received our first trailer for Sorry To Bother You, an indie film hailed as "the most outlandishly surreal, straight-up WTF movie at this year’s [Sundance] festival," and boy, did it NOT disappoint:

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The bizarre film follows Cassius Green, a telemarketer who lives in an alternate timeline in present day Oakland, CA.

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Cassius is having difficulty excelling at work, until he learns the life-altering secret to success in the telemarketing industry as a black man:

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However, his new-found success propels him into the depths of a colorful-but-macabre universe filled with violence, money, and Armie Hammer.

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And also, like...this cast, though???

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Where do I send you my money?

Naturally, people are already hyped for this odd adventure.

@sorry2botheryou @ka5sh IS THIS AN INDIE BLACK MOVIE?? It’s already one of my favourite films

The film has only screened at festivals, but is drawing attention for its unique premise and similar use of sci-fi for social commentary as 2017's Oscar-winning Get Out.

Black films using sci-fi /fantasy for social commentary. It's a thing now. More please. Sorry to Bother You, but the Sorry to Bother You Trailer is Here via @vulture

Even Patton Oswalt, who appears in the film, described the plot as a combination of some genuinely A+ cinema.

Trailer for #SorryToBotherYou is here! Finished watching it an hour ago. It is...even CRAZIER than this fucked-up trailer. If GET OUT was race through the prism of THE STEPFORD WIVES, then this is race through the prism of DR. STRANGELOVE. Good God.

So be sure to catch this masterpiece in the making when it hits theaters July 6, 2018!

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