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    The Snyder Cut Of "Justice League" Has A New Trailer And, Honestly, Just Watch It

    "Follow your memes!" —Zack Snyder, probably.

    ICYMI, back in May 2020 — when we were all approximately 30 years younger than we are right now — HBO Max announced that they planned to release the long-awaited, long-rumored "Snyder Cut" of 2017's hot mess, Justice League.

    Zack Snyder at a panel at San Diego Comic-Con

    Then, in November 2020, we received a very moody, black-and-white teaser for the recut, likely prepping fans for the overall tone of the film:

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    Warner Bros.

    Snyder's obsession with using Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah in his films is still a whole mood, tbh.

    Well, after months and MONTHS of teasing, we finally got our first official full-length trailer over the weekend, and — honestly — just watch it. Stop reading the words I'm writing and watch it. Here ya go:

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    Warner Bros.

    The trailer is action-packed and features a lot of brand-new scenes, which is definitely what fans have been hoping for.

    But the stand-out bit of newness is, of course, that the Joker is now in the film — oh, and it's not just any "Joker," but a new interpretation of Jared Leto's now-infamous Suicide Squad version.

    And — far more importantly (to the internet, at least) — he said it. He said the thing:

    For those who AREN'T familiar with the meme, the whole "we live in a society" thing is, well, peak meme culture.

    And, of course, the internet had thoughts:

    Zack Snyder making Joker say we live in a society

    Because it does, honestly, kinda feel like a long-con joke:

    The entire development of Zack Snyder's Justice League was just a years long prank to put "We live in a society" into a trailer

    Heck, even Jared Leto himself was just straight-up like:

    We live in a society

    So, uh, yeah. There ya have it. Anyway, be sure to catch the "Snyder Cut" of Justice League when it officially hits HBO Max on March 18!