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    People Shared Small But Specific Things That Brighten Their Days, And It's Almost Too Wholesome

    "It gives me hope for humanity..."

    I think I speak for absolutely everyone living on this planet right now when I say that, without a doubt, all of our days could do with a little brightening up.

    Well, this week, Redditor ButterscotchFog asked, "What small thing brightens your day?" and I may or may not have gotten wildly emotional reading the responses.

    So, here are just a few of the small but specific things that never fail to brighten people's days:

    1. "I can’t see my dad a lot anymore, but he makes sure to send me an updated picture of his garden almost every day."


    2. "When my cats sleep next to me, they always make sure that they touch me with their toe beans. If I slightly move, they readjust until they're touching me again. I love it."


    3. "My husband makes it a habit to send at least one cute animal picture to me a day. It's been years, and I don't think he's ever doubled up. If I've seen it before from some other source, I get another two or three to make up for seeing that one already. It's often frog-related."


    4. "Rediscovering the songs I used to listen to and either reliving the memories I've attached to them, or replacing them with better memories."


    5. "When you let someone into your lane while driving, and they wave at you."


    6. "In my neighborhood, every day — when I come back from the gym at 6:01 a.m. — there's a trail of quails. Every morning, I stop so they can safely cross the road. If they aren’t there, I get kind of sad. I like seeing my quails and knowing they got to their destination safely!"


    7. "My dog loves laying on my feet. Just mine — not my parents' or sibling's. My heart sings whenever he does it because it's clearly a sign of affection he reserves for me."


    8. "When you can tell that someone is genuinely happy to see you arrive, and/or genuinely sad to see you go."


    9. "I've got one of those little picnic table–shaped squirrel feeders attached to the fence around our backyard. Every morning, I put a fresh cob of 'squirrel corn' on it and watch the little dudes and dudettes come feast on it."


    10. "Friendly small talk with strangers. It gives me hope for humanity."


    11. "My kid experiencing her 'firsts,' and getting so overwhelmed by them. Yesterday, she experienced a ladybug crawling on her hand for the first time and her genuine happiness was infectious. She kept going back to the same spot in the garden looking for it, calling out, 'Hey-o...Bug!' while looking for it under every leaf."


    12. "My cat comes to the door when I get home and greets me with headbutts and meows, and the outdoor kitty I feed does the same. People who say cats are heartless have never actually tried being around a cat."


    13. "Hearing a joke or a creative compliment I've never heard before. Just...something different. It makes the day more interesting."


    14. "The smiles of others. Especially if I caused it."


    15. "There’s this dude who’s been walking laps at night in the parking lot next to me for a couple of months. It’s just cool to see someone doing something — anything — small but consistent right now. Whatever has you walking, keep rocking, dude!"


    16. "I teach pottery to adult students at a community studio. I always love when they ask me if I'm teaching again next month, or when they try to figure out which classes I teach so they can take my class again."


    17. "My bowl of cereal in the morning. It's more delicious than all the meals thereafter, on par with holiday food. The deeper down the bowl I go, the tastier it gets, and I'm left feeling refreshed and energized."


    18. "Every day, there's this neighborhood kid that bikes around with who I assume is either his friend or brother, and they throw 'homemade newspapers.' They write little notes and cards with updates on how they like life. He does it just for the block I'm on with my friend. Apparently, he's been doing it for about six months."


    19. "Being told I'm appreciated. People just don't seem to tell the people in their lives that they are appreciated enough. It's sad."


    Now it's you turn! What's a small but specific thing that never fails to brighten your day? Share yours in the comments below!