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    15 "Small World" Stories Guaranteed To Freak You Out

    No, not the Disney ride.

    There's nothing trippier than going about your everyday, boring life — only to then have something so random yet specific happen. It proves how truly small the world is.

    Well, this week, redditor u/TheBicelator asked, "What was your 'Wow, this really is a small world' moment?'" and some of the answers were absolutely incredible!

    So with that in mind, here are just a few of the stories shared that prove it is, indeed, a small world after all:

    1. This neighborly run-in:

    "I live in Canada and I used to travel for work. I went to the UK, landed in London, and rented a car to drive to the job. I stopped at a highway rest stop on the M1 to get some McDonald's, went outside, and ran into my next-door neighbor from Canada."


    2. This cross-country, across-time encounter:

    "My dad was South African. He eventually moved and had his own business in England. One day a new customer came in who was also South African — from the same city and roughly of a similar age. So they got to talking.

    "A few hours later, this customer returned and asked for my dad. 'Look,' he said. 'I went home, dug around, and found this. It's an old photo of a birthday party.' It was a group photo of some boys in black and white (it was taken around 1935). The boys were maybe 10 years old, all posed nicely for the camera. 'That's me,' he said, pointing to one of them. 'And that's you!' pointing to another.

    "This man had once — and only once — met my father 50 years earlier, on another continent, and had a photo of the event."


    3. This job twin:

    "I left a job and moved to the other side of the country to work somewhere else. I ended up working with the identical twin of a guy I'd worked with at the old job."


    4. This honeymoon:

    "On my honeymoon, I ran into my high school girlfriend at a resort in the Caribbean.

    "One evening, my wife was taking a nap, so I thought that I would just go out on the balcony and take in the view. I look over to my left, and there was Gina. I had not seen or spoken to Gina in at least eight years. Turns out, she was there on her honeymoon as well. It's a pretty small world when your high school girlfriend is in the next room over and you're both pretty far from home on your honeymoons!"


    5. This concert seating:

    "My fiancé and I were buying tickets for a Rammstein concert. It took forever because they were selling out so fast, so we were randomly clicking a ton until we got two seats. A few hours later, we called our friends to see if they'd managed to get tickets, and they did.

    "When we told each other where our seats were, they were sitting directly next to us. The stadium is huge, and we still have no clue how the hell that happened."


    6. This meant-to-be story:

    "My wife and I lived in the same county (260,000 population) but didn't believe we'd gone to any schools together or anything like that. We connected in our late twenties through a mutual friend.

    "When I proposed, my mom and her mom ended up meeting (obviously). My mom recognized her mom and told me she was pretty sure my fiancé and I had been preschool classmates. Lo and behold, my mom dug through a bunch of pictures and found the preschool class photo. She located me in the photograph — and guess who was directly next to me? My now-wife.

    "We printed out an enlarged copy of the photo and displayed it at our wedding reception."


    7. This nurse's reappearance:

    "My wife was born in California in a hospital that technically no longer exists (it burned down and got rebuilt). She was born with a heart murmur.

    "About 24 years later, she was at college in Vermont getting her master's degree. While she was there, a nurse from California came and spoke to her class — telling them about a familiar case of heart murmur in a newborn infant, and how one of the hardest parts of the job was that you never knew what happened after patients with problems like that left the hospital.

    "It was my wife's case she was talking about! She ended up getting to speak to the nurse after her presentation, and found out that the nurse was instrumental in her birth."


    8. This Social Security yikes:

    "I was working at a call center and I needed a caller's Social Security number. He gave it to me and I said, 'No, yours — not mine!' Then it dawned on me that his SSN was the same as mine — but with two numbers reversed. We talked more, and it turned out that we were born the same day in the same hospital."


    9. This childhood home:

    "During my childhood, I moved around a lot, but from ages 6 to 13, I lived in the same house. Unfortunately, after seven years, we had to move. I loved that house, despite all the family arguing and other stuff while I was growing up.

    "Cut to now, I’m 26. My boyfriend and I were talking to some of his family friends at a small party last week — turns out, they now live in my childhood home and also claim that it's haunted."


    10. This tale of best friends:

    "My first girlfriend's mom and my mom used to work together and were friends when they were pregnant with us!"


    11. This cameo appearance:

    "A friend was showing my wife and me a video of a church conference that took place about five years ago. My wife was watching and said, 'Hey, I think that's me!' She was in the background of the video! We didn't even know these people at the time the video was recorded."


    12. This unlikely travel buddy:

    "I flew to Florida a couple of years ago to go scuba diving. It was my first time traveling in a while, and I was traveling alone. I got on my flight home early on a Monday morning. I sat down and started prepping my headphones and music for the flight, when I heard an awfully familiar voice.

    "It took me a few minutes of searching to find that my uncle was seated two rows directly behind me.

    "He doesn’t live in Florida, and he doesn’t live in my home state, either. He just happened to be on that particular flight going from one location to the other for work."


    13. This rekindled friendship:

    "I had a best friend in second grade, but I moved out of state and didn’t talk to him anymore after that.

    "In college, my roommate had a coworker over, and after we introduced ourselves, the coworker recognized my name, and it turned out that he was my second grade best friend. We didn’t even go to the same college; he was just in the area for a co-op. Now we’re good friends again after 15-plus years."


    14. This waiter run-in:

    "I had gone to a small resort with my family in Montana over the summer (we lived in California). We only stayed there for a week, but during that time, we talked quite a bit to some of the waiters at the restaurants and got to know some of them pretty well.

    "That November, my family went to Paris for Thanksgiving. During our time there, we visited the Louvre. While we were walking through the museum, someone walked over to us and said, 'I feel like I know you from somewhere.' Turns out, it was one of the waiters from the resort in Montana! I still think about that moment to this day."


    15. And finally — this VERY awkward moment:

    "A college roommate of mine dated a girl for one semester, but they broke up. A few years after graduation, he started seeing another girl. He went back home with her for Thanksgiving to meet her family, and his ex was there — because they were sisters."


    Okay, so you've read their wild stories, but now it's your turn! Do you have a "small world" story? Share it in the comments below!!!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity. H/T: Reddit.