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What Moment Of Sexual Tension In A Movie Was So Real, You Believed The Actors Had To Truly Be In Love?

Hand touches! Longing gazes! Gasps!!!

Yeah, sex is cool or whatever, but ya know what's better than the "sex" part? THE TENSION PART.

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So, if there was an Academy Award given for "Best Sexual Tension in a Film," what scenes would've for sure taken home a little naked golden man?

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Maybe your nomination is a moment we can all agree on — like the perfume scene in Carol (2015) — that got you all hot and bothered.

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Or perhaps your pick is a moment from something classic — like the Ländler dance scene in The Sound of Music (1965) — that took your breath away.

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Heck, maybe your nomination is something out of left field — like the meeting scene in Tarzan (1999) — that had you feelin' the heat in a G-Rated film.

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Share the movie scene you'd like to nominate — and a little bit about WHY you believe it deserves this Oscar that I 100% completely made up — in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post and/or video!

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