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    Sandy Rogen's Statement About Seth Rogen's Upcoming Memoir Is, Maybe, The Most Mom Thing Of All Time

    "If I’m being honest, I really wish there wasn’t so much drug talk..."

    Seth Rogen is many things: actor, comedian, expert vase-maker — and, as of today, he can proudly add "author" to that illustrious list!

    Seth Rogen poses for a photo at a South by Southwest event
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    His memoir, titled Yearbook, will feature what Seth describes as "a collection of true stories that I desperately hope are just funny at worst, and life-changingly amazing at best."

    I wrote a book called Yearbook. It’s true stories and essays and stuff that I hope you think are funny. It comes out in May, but if you like you can order it now. Yay!

    Seth Rogen

    Semi-related, but also: This cover is cool!!!

    The essays promise to span his life, ranging from tales of his youth doing stand-up in bars to "saying things about other famous people that will create a wildly awkward conversation for me at a party one day."


    What's that? Is my kettle whistling??? IS THAT TEA READY?!

    As a fan of Seth's very specific brand of humor, I was already pretty pumped for this project, but one thing did send it over the edge into "Yes, I'm buying that" territory: This statement included in the press release from none other than Seth's absolutely delightful mom, Sandy Rogen.

    My mom wrote my press release for my book.

    Twitter: @Sethrogen

    Now, in case you're not ~in the know~, Sandy is freakin' hilarious, an icon on Twitter, and, frankly, deserves her own book deal.

    Finally got the gq in van. I am in front of point grey high school. Where it all began.

    Sandy Rogen

    Make it happen!!!

    Anyway, her statement is, maybe, the single most mom statement to ever mom in the history of all moms. Buckle up:

    “At first I was worried that Seth was writing a book, because I was like, ‘Oh no! What’s he gonna say?!’ I was actually scared to even read it. But I’m very happy I did. It’s not really a memoir, like I thought it might be. I guess it’s more of a bunch of funny stories? Does that make sense? He talks about doing stand-up when he was a kid (I drove him to all his shows!), his grandparents, high school, moving to L.A., meeting some famous people, things like that. If I’m being honest, I really wish there wasn’t so much drug talk. Why does he need all that? It’s like ‘We get it!’ And some of the stories? I mean, they’re entertaining, but I was just shocked they happened and he never told me! Overall, I think it’s more sweet and funny than anything, so I like it, and I’m glad he wrote it, but I’d be even more glad if he called me more.”

    There's just...there are just so many fantastic things to unpack here. From the relatable worry of "Oh no! What’s he gonna say?!" to the adorable pride of "(I drove him to all his shows!)," it's truly so MOM — it almost hurts.

    Sandy Rogen

    Still, I think the runaway winner is, easily, her thoughts on his stories about drug use: "If I’m being honest, I really wish there wasn’t so much drug talk. Why does he need all that? It’s like ‘We get it!’"

    Sony Pictures Releasing


    So, uh, yeah! There ya have it! Make Sandy proud and check out Seth's sure-to-be-hilarious memoir, Yearbook (available for preorder now!), but also, your mom, man!


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