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    "Scream VI" Has Its First Trailer, And Ghostface Is Looking More Brutal Than Ever

    "I'm not like a regular Ghostface. I'm a cool Ghostface." —This Ghostface, probably

    Back in December, we received our first teaser for the highly anticipated six-quel(?) Scream VI, which revealed that the latest entry in the beloved franchise would take place in a big-city setting, as well as give me, personally, claustrophobia on trains.

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    Well, today we received our first full-length trailer for the movie, which helped to detail the truly terrifying new direction this movie is going in in order to separate itself from the pack!

    After the events of the first film in the rebooted franchise (the fifth film in the franchise overall), the remaining survivors have uprooted their lives and moved away from Woodsboro in hopes of starting fresh, new, Ghostface-free lives.

    However, this is a Scream movie, so...that's not going to happen. Sorry, y'all, you tried.

    One thing this trailer in particular stresses is that this isn't our usual Ghostface. They're not like any Ghostface we've seen before. They're not like other Ghostfaces. A real "pick me" Ghostface, if you will.

    And this time around, whoever's donning the mask appears to have an obsession with the past killers. They even have a little Helga G. Pataki–esque shrine to them. Don't love that!

    Overall, the trailer does a fantastic job of setting the tone for the film, which is decidedly darker than the last one, and promises some more anxiety-inducing kills.

    Plus (and perhaps most importantly, if you ask me), Hayden Panettiere is back, reprising her role as Kirby from Scream IV! One of the best characters in the whole darn franchise! Love Kirby!

    So, there you have it! Be sure to catch Scream VI in all its gory glory when it hits theaters March 10!

    Oh, and you can watch the new full-length trailer here:

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