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    21 Samantha Jones From "Sex And The City" Moments That Will Never Not Be Iconic

    In this house, we ask W.W.S.J.D. (What Would Samantha Jones Do).

    So for the purposes of this post, the only thing you need to know about me is that I have a deep, unbridled, unironic love for the sheer chaotic mess that is Sex and the City.

    And, with the SATC reboot — And Just Like That — on the way sans one Miss Samantha Jones...I couldn't help but wonder: Do people even really, truly remember how iconic some of her best moments were?!

    So naturally, I took it upon myself to roundup just a small handful of Samantha's best moments on the show for our mutual ~*viewing pleasure*~. Ready? Good! Here we go:

    1. The time she was the ultimate mood:

    2. The time she revealed her sexual orientation:

    3. The time she answered the phone like this:

    4. The time she employed this old adage:

    5. The time she appreciated men in kilts:

    6. The time she had a ~*glow*~ about her:


    Charlotte: Samantha, your face is glowing! Did you get a facial or something?

    Samatha: I masturbated all afternoon.

    7. The time she was a supportive friend:

    8. The time she asked an important question:


    9. The time she misunderstood an invitation:

    10. The time she knew the only right answer:


    11. The time she called out Richard Wright on his sexist double standards:

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    12. And the time she called out Carrie on her BIG reminiscing:

    13. The time she only spoke the truth:

    14. The time she knew how to properly work her outfit:

    15. The time she got back at Richard for cheating on her (with the NYPD's support):


    16. The time she needed a napkin:

    17. The time she gave off massive Gemini energy:

    18. The time she stood up for what she believed in:

    19. The time she said this at an actual, literal funeral:

    20. The time she was truly the best type of friend anyone can have:


    21. And finally, the time she said the one thing everyone needs to believe about themselves:

    And that's just a FEW of her best moments! Which Samantha Jones moment is your absolute favorite? Share in the comments below!