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    Ryan Reynolds Is Back To Trolling Hugh Jackman, And Even Chris Evans Is Involved

    The quest for a Wolverine and Deadpool (and Captain America) film continues.

    Anyone who's even remotely familiar with the X-Men universe knows of the relationship between Deadpool and Wolverine, and how this relationship has spilled over into the real-life "rivalry" of actors Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    For those not in the know, Deadpool has a ~long and arduous~ history with Wolverine in the comics, and it's been a long-time hope of fans to see the two on-screen together.

    Reynolds even stopped by The Ellen Show this month to promote Once Upon a Deadpool, where he brought up Jackman, jokingly saying, "It's not REALLY a's war."

    Well this week the war raged onward, with Jackman tweeting out a pic of a Logan poster he spotted during his travels in Mumbai, which OPENED THE DOOR for Reynolds.

    Reynolds naturally took this opportunity to point out that they could easily make a NEW poster...for a NEW movie. LIKE WE ALL WANT.

    Which Jackman shut down with accusations of Reynolds being OBSESSED with him.

    Twitter: @RealHughJackman

    I fully read this tweet in Regina George's voice.

    Fans were quick to get involved, letting the two know that they'll never TRULY give up on this project (or any project involving both of them):

    And that their friendship/rivalry is IRL goals:

    But then, out of nowhere, in the midst of all this chaos, none other than CAPTAIN AMERICA HIMSELF stepped in to offer up his interest in a crossover film:

    Actual footage of me seeing this tweet:

    20th Century Fox

    A Deadpool/Wolverine/Captain America crossover is the film that we not only deserve, but the film we NEED right now.

    Marvel Studios

    So yeah, the quest for a crossover film continues and, like the Marvel universe itself, is expanding! MAXIMUM EFFORT.

    20th Century Fox