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    People On Reddit Are Sharing Rumors They've Heard About Themselves And LOL

    "A kid at my school was rumored to be homeschooled...even though he came to school."

    Over the course of our lives, many of us will fall victim to rumors; however, there's something absolutely hilarious about hearing a truly wild, out-of-left-field falsehood about YOURSELF.

    And this week, when Reddit user cutegreenpotato asked, "What's the weirdest rumor you've heard about yourself?" people DID NOT disappoint with their experiences.

    Here are just a few of the absolute WILDEST stories shared:

    1. "Someone in middle school said that I couldn't turn my head and, if I wanted to look at something next to me, I had to turn my whole body to look at it."


    2. "I was in the 4th grade and this girl told all the kids in class that I enjoyed sticking tinfoil up my butt. For two weeks, kids were giving me their tinfoil after lunch. When I asked her why she told that to people, she just shrugged and said, 'I don't know, it seemed like something you would like to do.'"


    3. "I had missed two days of school because of an ear infection. I was standing, walking, and talking to a person when they asked, 'So, you're paralyzed, huh? What's that like?' Again, I was walking, moving and completely fine.""


    4. "People were saying I cheated on my girlfriend...I didn't have a girlfriend."


    5. "I work at a summer camp as a member of the kitchen staff. I'm notorious for wearing a plethora of bandanas because of the heat. This past summer, a lot of the female counsellors began wearing bandanas in a slow trend, which sparked a rumor that I was fucking girl after girl, then giving them a post-coital bandana as a trophy."


    6. "In high school, I got mono and had to stay home for, like, two weeks. My friend had told everyone that I died and made a PowerPoint presentation in the computer lab. He told people he was working on it to show at my funeral."


    7. "A co-worker told others at my office that I was homeless and living in the woods behind the building all because I walk to work and take a shortcut path through the woods instead of going all the way around the complex."


    8. "My family and I had recently moved to the area and my brother and I were in the same grade. No one really talked to us, so we hung out together for the most part. Some girl in our grade thought this was SUPER-weird for some reason, so she decided to spread around the rumor that we were in an incestuous relationship."


    9. "Not me, but a kid at my school was rumored to be homeschooled...even though he came to school."


    10. "I'm a small, timid, shy woman, and I have a scar on my neck almost from ear to ear. It's from a tumor removal. I once heard that I got my scar from a bar fight when someone jumped on me from behind and slit my throat."

    11. "My mother called me to tell me that my grandmother was sure I was going to go to Curaçao to study dolphins, and was asking if that was true. I had talked to my grandmother about choosing which Master's degree I wanted to pursue, either Ecology or Marine Ecology. Apparently, this conversation went way over her head and she only registered something about Curaçao and dolphins."


    12. "For about three weeks in high school, girls outside of my circle started talking to me and I couldn’t figure out why. I found out a guy on the baseball team with me had told people I had a 'porn dick.' I do not remotely have a porn dick."


    13. "That I, a LESBIAN, had sex with at least five guys that I worked with."


    14. "I heard I was an extra in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. How this rumor started or who started it, I don't think I'll ever know. Just one day I got a message from a friend saying, 'Hey, is it true you're in a Harry Potter movie?' This rumor started when the movie came out like in 2004, yet I still occasionally have someone ask me."


    15. "I had a long distance (he was from Costa Rica) boyfriend in high school. He came once with my mom to pick me up from classes, which was witnessed by most of my tiny school. I went on a two-week vacation to visit him and, when I came back, i turned out someone had spread a rumor that I was absent because I ran off and married my 'drug lord' boyfriend."


    16. "I’m Canadian. There was a kid in my elementary school who absolutely DID NOT believe me when I told him this, so he started a rumor that I was lying about being from Canada. By the time I finished grade six, literally the entire school thought I was only pretending to be Canadian, and I didn’t find out until a few months before I went to junior high school."


    17. "I used to feed stray dogs living at an old military base where I worked. A co-worker saw me walk by every day at noon with a big bag of dog chow, so he concluded that I was eating it myself. This rumor spread until it reached me and I was baffled."


    What's the absolute WILDEST rumor you've ever heard about yourself? Share your story in the comments below!

    Some thread entries have been edited for length or clarity. H/T Reddit.