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    21 "R.I.P./Would've Loved" Tweets That Are — And I Mean This — Very, Very Silly

    R.I.P. my free time. I know you would've loved these tweets.

    Y'all, that darn Twitter is at it again with a new meme format*, and it's equal parts morbid and silly — a personal favorite combination.

    Anyway, in its most basic, straightforward form, the format is essentially just "R.I.P. [insert famous dead person] you would've loved [insert modern thing they would've enjoyed]." For example, Sparknotes took this very nerdy approach:

    RIP Homer I know he would’ve loved Super Mario Odyssey

    Twitter: @SparkNotes

    So, with all of that in mind, here are just a few of the silliest tweets using the format:

    1. Edgar Allen Poe:

    RIP edgar allen poe i know he woud've loved that's so raven

    Twitter: @mygfreal

    2. Charles Darwin:

    RIP Charles Darwin I know he would have loved Pokémon

    Twitter: @adamgreattweet

    3. Socrates:

    RIP socrates you would have loved replying to two classmates on a discussion board

    Twitter: @uhhmmily

    4. Thomas Edison:

    rip thomas edison he would have loved electric feel by mgmt

    Twitter: @lnternetvibes

    5. The Wright Brothers:

    rip to the wright brothers they would have loved airplane mode

    Twitter: @harriweinreb

    6. Joan of Arc:

    RIP Joan of arc you would have loved Lorde

    Twitter: @lizzzzzielogan

    7. Karl Marx:

    rip karl marx he would have loved money money money by abba

    Twitter: @kjdmans

    8. Emily Dickinson:

    rip emily dickinson. you would have loved graceland too by phoebe bridgers

    Twitter: @ivycomplex

    9. Marie Antoinette:

    RIP marie antoinette she would have loved cake boss

    Twitter: @lyxopk

    10. King Henry VIII:

    RIP king henry VIII i know you would’ve loved tinder

    Twitter: @musomoon

    11. Picasso:

    rip picasso he would’ve LOVED microsoft paint

    Twitter: @drivingmemadi

    12. Jane Austen:

    rip jane austen i just know you would've loved hozier

    Twitter: @anyahozier

    13. Isaac Newton:

    RIP Isaac Newton I know you would’ve loved Apple

    Twitter: @SaeedDiCaprio

    14. Sylvia Plath:

    rip sylvia plath i know u would’ve loved posting videos of yourself crying on your finsta

    Twitter: @sanjanasjokes

    15. William Shakespeare:

    rip shakespeare i know u would’ve loved urban dictionary

    Twitter: @bugbride

    16. Franz Kafka:

    rip franz kafka i know you would've loved human centipede

    Twitter: @fluffybao

    17. Benjamin Franklin:

    RIP Benjamin Franklin you would have loved Electricity by Dua Lipa

    Twitter: @heyjaeee

    And it isn't JUST real people. Even fictional characters aren't safe:

    18. Dorian Gray:

    rip dorian gray i know he would’ve loved instagram

    Twitter: @internetanja

    19. Oedipus:

    rip oedipus he would’ve loved milf culture

    Twitter: @mooninfirst

    20. Narcissus:

    RIP Narcissus you would have loved having a disorder named after you

    Twitter: @SvnSxty

    21. And finally, Icarus:

    rip icarus you would’ve loved sunscreen

    Twitter: @chardonyay

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