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This Artist Reimagined The Disney Princesses As Noir-Style Characters And, TBH, It's Everything

Femme fatale royalty.

It goes without saying that, here at BuzzFeed, we love a good Disney Princess reimagining.

And recently, artist Ástor Alexander added another favorite reimagining to our list when he posted several beautiful portraits of our beloved princesses as Noir-style femme fatales starring in their own stories.

"I started working on the Noir Princesses around three months ago," Alexander told BuzzFeed. "I am a fan of badass female characters, and that was the main goal of this series — to turn these Disney characters into badass detectives AND criminals."

In short, I would 100% buy every single one of these books, so please, someone start writing:

Snow White, aka Miss White and the Unlawful Seven

Pocahontas, aka Pocahontas: Private Eye

Princess Aurora, aka The Long Sleep

Mulan, aka The Lady from Henan

Cinderella, aka The Goddaughter

Princess Jasmine, aka The Arabian Heist

Ariel, aka High Sea Robbery

Tiana, aka Shadows of New Orleans

Belle, aka Beast Hunter

And, if you love these, be sure to check out Alexander's other beautiful work on his Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter!