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It's Time To Find Out Which "Raya And The Last Dragon" Character You Are Alongside The Entire Cast

Are you Raya OR the last dragon?!

Now that Raya and the Last Dragon is in theaters AND available on Disney+, we had the stars of the film — Kelly Marie Tran, Awkwafina, Gemma Chan, Benedict Wong, Daniel Dae Kim and Sandra Oh — take a BuzzFeed personality quiz to find out which character they're actually most similar to.

So, is Kelly Marie Tran actually similar to Raya? And which iconic Disney princess anthem would Sandra Oh belt out at karaoke? Watch the hilarious video to find out, and don't forget to keep scrolling to take the quiz with the cast!

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If you can't get enough of this cast, make sure to watch (or rewatch) Raya And The Last Dragon, now in theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access.