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    28 Very Random, Very Nerdy Jokes That Have Nothing In Common Except For Being Very Random And Very Nerdy

    Not clickbait.

    Listen — I do a lot of joke and meme collections for BuzzFeed dot com the website*, and sometimes I'll find an excellent tweet, meme, or Tumblr post that I personally love but that doesn't really fit neatly into any specific collection.

    But I never let those excellent memes go — oh, no. Instead, in true nerd fashion, I hoard them all in an unmarked draft like a dragon sitting atop her pile of gold. Anyway, this post...IS that unmarked draft.

    So, basically — over the past year or so — I've collected all of my favorite nerdy jokes and memes from Twitter and Tumblr that I've stumbled upon and loved but that didn't quite fit into any other posts. I've compiled them all for you into this easy-to-enjoy list that has absolutely zero theme, except for being pretty nerd-tastic. Here we go:

    1. This sick, sick burn:

    Your nerd name is your first name + your last name, nerd.

    2. This accurate explanation:

    3. This fashionable Force user:

    4. This game-play experience:

    5. This pun we don't deserve but need right now:

    ROBIN: You didn't name everything in the bathroom after you, too, did you? BATMAN: Of course not ROBIN: BATMAN: OK, yes, there's batshampoo ROBIN: BATMAN: But there's also conditioner gordon

    6. This very mathematical breakdown:

    7. And also, this very scientific breakdown:

    8. This messy mix-up:

    my sister finally saw the joker and thought it starred the dad from modern family the entire time i-

    9. This Star WarsAnimal Crossing crossover:

    10. This A+ pitch, no notes:

    Game idea: dungeons and dragons. You can play either as a dungeon or a dragon. The dungeon's goal is to get a nice dragon to move in. The dragon's goal is to find a nice dungeon to live in. It's a dating sim.

    11. This clear copycat:

    12. This worrisome writer:

    13. This Batman-style interrogation(?):

    Batman be like “alright now talk”

    14. This precious protector:

    15. This highly relatable mess of a video:

    Who made this absolute relatable gem?! #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #critters #dnd5e

    16. the way:

    17. This undeniable truth from Captain Marvel herself:

    I change my clothes more frequently in Animal Crossing than in real life.

    18. This mischievous god:

    19. This passed blame:

    20. This voting pride:

    watched birds of prey and i can't stop thinking about the fact that harley quinn took a quick break from terrorizing gotham with the joker to go vote for bernie

    21. This expert meme use:

    I am and I, am inevitable iron man

    22. This Mandalorian confusion:

    23. This annoying demand:

    24. This very tired DM:

    25. This The Mummy–D&D crossover:

    26. This hilarious reaction:

    I still can’t get over how Harvey Dent didn’t know it was the Joker until he took off the mask. 😂😂

    27. This timely mashup:

    28. And finally — this very, very meta joke:

    There ya have it! Be sure to click through and follow your fave creators on Twitter and Tumblr to make your timelines more fun places to be!!!