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    Updated on Oct 7, 2019. Posted on Sep 29, 2018

    25 Wonderfully Pure, Innocent Jokes That Have Nothing In Common Except Being Marvelous

    A dose of delight for your day.

    1. This simple request:

    2. This good samaritan:

    3. This snack attack:

    Catana Comics / Via

    4. This amazing idea:

    5. This accurate answer:

    6. This serious question:

    7. This warranted response:

    8. This heavenly hellish gift:

    Sarah Anderson / Via

    9. This innocent reaction:

    10. This ultimate remix:

    11. This clarification:

    12. This misunderstanding:

    13. This photoshoot:

    lol if you think i actually hired a photographer to take pictures of my new puppy then you're exactly right bc i totally did.

    14. This handsome/good boy:

    I told my friend who is living in Japan now to send me the handsomest man of Japan and she didn't let me down

    15. This lunchtime request:

    Nathan Pyle / Via

    16. This political stance:

    17. This use of magic:

    18. This artsy explanation:

    19. This chicken confusion:

    20. This budding romance:

    21. And this ended romance:

    22. This wig test:


    23. This absolute legend:

    24. This strategic gardener:

    me after liking five strategically spaced out photos on a hot person's IG

    25. And, finally, this wing-woman:

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