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    "Pirates Of The Caribbean" Was, Is, And Always Will Be Amazing, So Here Are Some Jokes About It

    "Why is the rum ALWAYS gone?" — Me, an adult woman, any given moment of the day.

    1. This pronunciation choice:

    when I say Pirates of the Caribbean it’s the only time in life that I pronounce Caribbean as Caribbean

    2. This very accurate plot depiction:

    3. This hairstyle choice:

    other girls wearing low ponytails: smart, classy, professional, beautiful me wearing a low ponytail: will turner in pirates of the caribbean

    4. This culture description:

    5. This perfect metaphor:

    Male feminists Bootstrap Bill Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean 🤝 Onboard until someone calls out their friend’s shitty behavior

    6. This literal and figurative ship*:

    *For the unanointed among us, "shipping" is when you want two characters to be in a relationship together, whether it's canon or not.

    7. This heartless wonder:

    Davy Jones when he opens the chest but the heart isn't there at the end of DMC

    8. This new legal term:

    9. This facial expression:

    10. This hilarious realization:

    11. This ideal timeline:

    12. This quick fix:

    13. This sexual orientation:

    14. This depressing discovery:

    15. This long-standing crush:

    16. This grown-up re-evaluation:

    17. And finally, this perfect crossover:

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