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Updated on Feb 2, 2019. Posted on Jan 15, 2019

People Are Sharing The Moments They Realized They Were Turning Into Their Parents And LOL

"I went from having milk and sugar in my coffee to straight black with an espresso shot."

No matter how we try to avoid it, there comes a time in all of our lives when we make a disturbing realization: We're turning into our parents.

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And this fact was highlighted this week when Reddit user itsDaco asked, "What’s the most 'I’m turning into my parents' moment for you?" and the stories shared were ALL TOO RELATABLE.

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Here are just a few of the funniest ~transformations~:

1. This easy sleeper:

"So, my dad will fall asleep just about anywhere, especially if he sits in a recliner. After I got my first full-time job out of college, I got home and my roommate and I where going to watch a new show. I fell asleep in our recliner in less than 10 minutes. I woke up after the show ended and my roommate was like, 'Yeah, you were out and snored a little.'"


2. This noise-hater:

"When I went from, 'Oh hey, this restaurant has live music, cool!' to 'Damn it, they're setting up a drum kit. It's going to be too loud. I can't hear.'"


3. This discount hunter:

"I've started enjoying looking at grocery ads for discounts and have three discount cards."


4. This dish disaster:

"When I would get irrationally pissed off when I would come home at night and see my roommate left a spoon in the sink instead of just washing it real quick."



5. This sad victory:

"When my 10-year-old nephew let me win a video game because he felt bad for me, exactly like I did to my dad 25 years ago on my Super Nintendo."


6. This home improvement lover:

"Finding myself excited to go to Lowe's. As a child, I hated being dragged to that store but, as an adult and new homeowner, I totally get the appeal of buying power tools and gardening supplies to work on various home improvement projects."


7. This relaxing drinker:

"I was at IHOP one day, already finished with breakfast, on my second cup of coffee, and the waiter came over with the bill. As I went to pull out my debit card to pay, I instead put my wallet away and thought to myself, 'Let me just sit here and enjoy my coffee first...' which is a phrase that my mother has used so many times at breakfast, she could patent it."


8. This story repeater:

"When I started to repeat stories. Every time I go home to visit, I’ll hear things from my dad that he’s either told me by phone already or stories I’ve heard 100 times. I found out recently that I have ALSO started telling people about stories from my past that I’ve already told them."


9. This clean house:

"My significant other and I were packing to get ready for a road trip to our family’s house for Thanksgiving. As I was cleaning, my S.O. said something along the lines of, 'Don’t worry about it, we can clean when we get home.' When I replied with, 'I do NOT want to come home to a dirty house,' THAT was the point I realized I was turning into my mother."



10. This fast-walker:

"My dad was a fairly tall guy, so I used to hate walking with him when I was a kid because he'd take giant steps and I had to basically jog everywhere while he dragged my hand. My son is now four and I caught myself doing that exact thing to him about two months ago. Now I try to walk slower."


11. This talented finder:

"My mom used to find things for us within one minute after we had been looking for said things for hours. Now when my siblings and dad sometimes lose things, they'll ask me to help because 'I always find it magically.' I’m actually very excited about having my mom's touch for finding things."


12. This salty tooth:

"Over the course of college, I went from having milk and sugar in my coffee to straight black with an espresso shot. I also went from ketchup on a lot of things to simply salt and pepper. My sweet tooth turned into a salty/savory tooth, just like my parents."


13. This frugal chef:

"When I ate at an expensive restaurant and, for a second, genuinely considered how much better and cheaper the meal would have been if I made it myself at home."


14. This creepy look-a-like:

"I realized I was LITERALLY turning into my dad the moment I saw a high school picture of me...that turned out to be my dad's high school picture. I realize now that I look identical to my father and it's annoying as can be."



15. This energy saver:

"When I started to walk around my house turning off light switches, loudly complaining about the 'waste of electricity.'"


16. This hummus hoarder:

"I recently washed out a hummus container to save it in case I needed it someday."


17. This realization:

"The first time I told my own kids to, 'Shut the door, we aren't heating the outside!' I finally get why my parents said that. It costs a lot of money to heat/cool a whole house!"


18. This human air bag:

"While driving in my car, I will put my arm out to protect the passenger if I suddenly stop, even though they are wearing a seat belt, just like my mom does."


19. And finally, this Christmas wish:

"When I first, honestly thought to myself, 'I hope I get some new socks for Christmas.' That was a dark, dark day."



So, now it's your turn! When did you realize that you were fully turning into one (or both) of your parents? Share your story in the comments below!

Some thread entries have been edited for length or clarity. H/T Reddit.

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