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    We Now Have Viable Evidence That "Stranger Things" And "It" Take Place In The Same Universe

    We all float in the Upside Down.

    Hi, so...there are spoilers ahead for both Stranger Things and IT, JUST SO YOU KNOW.

    Anyway, if you've watched all of Stranger Things season 2, you can acknowledge that Bob Newby was a precious baby angel literally too good for this realm, or any other.

    But besides being a perfect human, Bob also may be our link between Stranger Things and different, but equally popular 2017 franchise, It.

    This all started when the Twitter account UpsideDownFacts noticed a link between the two that is pretty undeniable.

    Bob’s parents are from Maine, and he was haunted by an evil clown when he was a kid which would’ve been in the late…

    In the original novel for It, the first section takes place in the 1950's; however, in the 2017 remake, this section takes place in the 1980's.

    But there is still a link to the 2017 movie as well. The Twitter account also posted this clip of Finn Wolfhard, who appears in BOTH Stranger Things and It, saying the exact same line.

    Finn Wolfhard says the same line in both #StrangerThings and the movie IT

    So, naturally, some fans were quick to point out OTHER similarities between the two franchises.

    @UpsideDownFacts He also found victory over the clown when he stopped showing fear. #Parallels

    Yup, Bob tells Will to be brave and just tell the monsters to "go away".

    Which is exactly what the Losers Club did to Pennywise (after beating the shit out of him) in the end.

    But others had different conspiracy theories in mind.

    @UpsideDownFacts @M__Belly I've been saying for a year now that 'The Duffer Brothers' is just another pseudonym use…

    So, could Bob have been an unnamed survivor of Pennywise? Could it all just be a purposeful reference by the Duffer Bros? Are we reading way too much into everything?!

    Either way, pretty cool stuff... Oh, and also #JusticeForBOB.

    i don't ever want to hear another fucking word about "justice for barb" when bob the brain is the real fucking tragedy of this series

    H/T Alternative Press