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People Are Sharing Obvious Things That They Only Just Learned And, TBH, It's Hilarious

"I thought 'money laundering' meant physically washing the money and hanging it out to dry."

It's safe to say that, over the course of all of our lives, we've each learned something that’s seemingly ~common knowledge~ a little TOO late in life.

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Well, writer Shannon Proudfoot recently asked her Twitter followers for stories about obvious facts that they learned late in life and, holy heck, people did not disappoint.

What's the most mundane but thunderous epiphany you ever had? Something so ridiculously dull or elementary that still bowled you over when you figured it out?

Here are just a few of the absolute BEST responses:

1. This egg-celent confusion:

2. This wild criminal:

3. This national treasure:

4. This useful arrow:

5. This clean money scheme:

6. This history buff:

7. This monkey mix-up:

8. This OTHER chipmunk misconception:

9. This moon misunderstanding:

10. This t.a.g. epiphany:

11. This carrot baby:

12. This murderous vegetable:

13. This cucumber pickle:

14. This fast break:

15. This ripe fact:

16. This map design:

17. This spelling conundrum:

18. This shared experience:

19. This misheard name:

20. This mizzled pronunciation:

21. This LIST:

22. This cold-blooded murder:

23. This grandma's home:

24. This toasty time dial:

25. This unforgettable design:

26. And finally, this crime spree:

Have you ever had an intense epiphany about something seemingly obvious? Share your story in the comments below!