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    Paul Rudd Accidentally Terrorized An Elderly Couple With His Mustache And I'm Crying Actual Tears

    "People really recoil when they see a pronounced mustache."

    Hi, so, if you don't love Paul Rudd, you don't have good taste. I'm sorry, I don't make the rules, I just enforce them.

    The man hasn't aged in decades and continues to be a goofy, relatable, approachable heartthrob.

    But, when he stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this past week, he revealed that not everyone views him as "approachable," especially when he grew an insane mustache.

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    The mustache in question was grown for an upcoming Netflix film, Mute, which Rudd described as:

    But this was no ordinary mustache my friends, oh no, this was an exquisitely EXTRAordinary mustache.

    And not everyone loved fact, no one did.

    But one encounter in particular stood out in Rudd's mind the most regarding his facial hair and complete strangers.

    These poor elderly people were so uncomfortable upon seeing a sweaty mustached man, they LEFT the elevator.

    But it turns out the whole mustache thing was a misunderstanding, and it was actually Rudd's hilarious, albeit slightly inappropriate, T-shirt to blame.

    So there you have it! And, in the future, just make sure to have change on you in case you ever run into Rudd in person.