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    Padmé Amidala Is The Only Fashion Icon I Care About, And Here's Why

    The purest beauty in the galaxy (besides Obi-Wan Kenobi, of course).

    Hi, I'm Allie, and I'm a massive Star Wars fan.

    Like most fans, I believe the prequel trilogy left ~something to be desired~ HOWEVER, I cannot completely hate those films, because they gave us one of the absolute BADDEST LADIES to ever grace cinema screens: Padmé Amidala.

    So, I took the liberty of ranking her top 12 best glams. You're welcome:

    12. Her "I'm about to see Anakin again after 10 years, better stunt on him" glam, Attack of the Clones:

    11. Her "We're about to defend The Republic? Okay, let me throw on my best velvet" glam, The Phantom Menace:

    10. Her "Surprise, it was me in disguise the whole time" glam, The Phantom Menace:

    9. Her "I know this is war, but I didn't miss ab day, so..." glam, Attack of the Clones:

    8. Her "I literally just woke up like this" glam, Revenge of the Sith:

    7. Her "I'm too smart for your dumb pick-up lines, let me enjoy my darn picnic" glam, Attack of the Clones:

    6. Her "I invented the crop top and pants set" glam, Attack of the Clones:

    5. Her "I just married the galaxy's biggest disaster" glam, Attack of the Clones:

    4. Her "Why won't this grown man stop whining about sand" glam, Attack of the Clones:

    3. Her "Did they seriously give that eight-year-old boy a rat-tail" glam, The Phantom Menace:

    2. Her "I wasn't planning on Anakin confessing his love for me tonight (but I totally was, so I wore this hot leather number)" glam, Attack of the Clones:

    1. And, of course, her "You may call me 'Queen,' sweetie" glam, The Phantom Menace: