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17 True Ouija Board Experiences That Will Definitely Give You Nightmares

Don't say I didn't warn ya.

We recently asked members of our BuzzFeed Community to share their most terrifying TRUE Ouija board experience, and they DID NOT disappoint. Here are just a few of the most ~chilling~ stories:

1. This signal from below:

When I was in junior high, a friend and I sat on her grandparents’ grave to mess around with a Ouija board. Five minutes after we started playing with it, the ground began to sink underneath us. We ran out of there very quickly, and I haven’t messed with one since.


2. This correct spelling:

A friend of mine had one when I was young, but I was very skeptical of it. I thought she was moving it whenever we asked a question. So, I asked questions she wouldn’t know the answer to. I tried to contact my uncle who had passed away. I asked him how he was doing and the board started to spell his wife’s name, Xiomara, which there is no way my friend would’ve known about, never mind known how to spell.


3. This message from beyond:

My soccer team had a sleepover at our gym and we played with a Ouija board. Nothing too eventful happened until the board spelled out “T-H-I-R-S-T," “F-I-R-E,” and “H-E-L-P.” We closed out the board. When we went back to school a few days later, we asked the athletic director (whose office was in the gym) if he knew the history of the gym. He told us that the gym burned down once a long time ago and one man died in the fire.


4. This shared dream:

My buddy and I found a Ouija board at my girlfriend’s house. We were really bored, so we went to this graveyard by my house to see if it would actually work. As suspected, nothing happened. We brought the board back to my house and didn’t think anything of it.

The next day, strange things began happening. Out of nowhere my friend started having sleep paralysis every time he spent the night at my house, despite never having it before. The first time he saw a tall woman with long black hair standing in the corner of the room facing the wall. The next time he was asleep on the couch and he saw the same woman standing at my open door looking directly into my room.


5. This surprise demon:

A few months ago my friend brought over her Ouija board. There were about five of us at this sleepover and, when we began using the board, we met "Joe." After an hour of speaking with Joe, one girl asked, “Joe, are you a bad spirit?” Joe spelled "N-O," then spelled out “H-I-M.” We asked what he was talking about and he spelled, “H-E-S C-O-M-I-N-G,” then began to spell out "Z-O-Z-O."

The next morning we tried again, this time speaking to someone claiming to be Joe's wife. We asked her, “Is Joe a bad spirit?” She quickly responded "Y-E-S."


6. This trash return:

My mom told me that, when she was a kid, she and her sisters were messing with a Ouija Board in her room and my grandma caught them and told them to throw it out. She said they DID get rid of it by throwing it in the garbage outside but, the next morning, my mom went into her closet and found the board was somehow back inside.


7. This loner:

I was 17 and we had just bought one of those newer Ouija boards that glow in the dark. My mom told me to wait until the next day to open and play with it, and I should have listened. You’re not supposed to use a board alone, and our house was known for being haunted, so I wanted to ask if anyone was there. The freakin' planchette shot OUT OF MY HANDS across the room! I actually cried.


8. This message from above(?):

In 10th grade at a Halloween party, four of us were playing with one. The planchette suddenly lifted straight off of the board and raised all of our hands at least a foot into the air, then dropped. We all jumped out of our chairs and ran away, screaming.


9. This matchmaker:

I once played with a Ouija board at a sleepover. We weren’t asking it anything weird, just silly questions like “Who am I going to marry?” I asked it to give me the initials of someone I will date in the future, and it gave me an “N” and a “B.” Sure enough, I've dated someone with the initials “N.B.” for five years now.


10. This puppy protector:

My friends and I were playing with one in my backyard. When we contacted someone, one of my friends made fun of the spirit's name. My fence immediately started to rattle. My friends decided they wanted to go inside, so we all headed for the door, but my dog stopped us at the bottom of the porch (which was TOTALLY unlike him) and he started snarling at the empty darkness behind us.


11. This mothering moment:

At my friend's birthday party, someone decided to try a Ouija board. My friend's protective mother was next door at her parents' house, not anywhere in hearing distance. Suddenly, as several kids went into the bathroom to sneakily use the board, my friend's mother came running in the front door and shouted that those who intended on using the board had to leave immediately. She actually felt from a distance what they were about to do! It creeps me out to this day.


12. This persistent board:

My cousin was heading to a party with a Ouija board in the trunk of her car for all of us to use. On the way to the party, she got into a car wreck. She was fine, but her car was totaled. So, obviously, instead of going to the party she went back home. When she opened her closet to get ready for bed, the board was somehow back in the closet. She burned it after that.


13. This Mama-Mama-Mama:

When I was younger, my two older cousins, my older brother, and I were playing with a Ouija board, but all it spelled out was "M-A-M-A." Later that night when my brother asked our mom if she had ever played with a Ouija board, she said she had once, but all it spelled out was "M-A-M-A." Then, a few years later, I was really bored and got a ghost-detecting app on my iPod (I was really into ghost adventures at the time) and the very first thing the app said was "Mama."


14. This poor kitty:

I was 13 years old and staying at a friend’s house overnight. She had somehow managed to sneak a Ouija board past her super-religious mom and, after her parents went to bed, we used it. We asked the board some typical 13-year-old girl questions, nothing happened, and we went to bed.

But that night, her mom’s new kitten started acting WEIRD. He was wailing and running head first into walls. We woke up to it sitting in the middle of her kitchen twitching and staring off into space. That week they took it to the vet, who said the kitten had a neurological problem and had to put it down immediately. To this day my friend and I are convinced that the kitten was possessed.


15. This newspaper hater:

I was an editor for our school’s newspaper and, for our Halloween issue, we decided to use a Ouija board design in our center section. One evening, my friend and I stayed late to finish up the paper before it needed to be sent out for printing and, as soon as we opened the Ouija board spread to check it, the computer we were using shut down, along with the other thirty in the room. For the rest of the night we experienced computer problems whenever we were working on that specific section.


16. This shushing spirit:

My best friend and I bought a Ouija board and took it to her house. We asked a few questions to no answer. We finally outright asked, "Is there anyone here who would like to talk to us?" The planchette slowly moved over to the letters "N-O." We were freaked out, because there was obviously a spirit there, so we tried again. "What’s your name?" The planchette moved to "S-H" over and over again spelling out "S-H S-H S-H," so we said "GOODBYE" and closed up the board. We seemed to have bothered someone who wanted to be left alone.


17. And finally, this basket-tossing spirit:

My friend and I were playing with a Ouija board in her mom's closet. We were sitting on the floor talking to some spirit when my friend asked the spirit if she "liked" me. Right as my friend asked this, a basket fell off of the shelf above me and knocked me upside the head. Coincidence? I think not.


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Some entries have been edited for length or clarity.