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    People Are Sharing "Oddly Specific" Feelings They Hate, So Prepare To Cringe

    "When someone is messing around with Styrofoam and it's making THAT sound..."

    Look, we all have that ONE sensation and/or feeling that gives us the heebie jeebies in the absolute WORST way.

    So this week when Reddit user ParkerDap asked, "What’s an oddly specific feeling that you hate?" the answers...made my skin crawl.

    Here are just a few of the ickiest feelings/sensations shared:

    1. "When you're walking with groceries in a plastic bag and the bag hits your leg and spins. The bag then gets wound up and, as you wait for it to spin in the other direction and unwind itself, it hits your leg again and winds FURTHER in the same direction."


    2. "The feeling you get when you're walking with your friends, and, suddenly, the sidewalk isn't wide enough, so you end up being the one to walk behind everyone."


    3. "Almost sneezing...and then not."


    4. "When I step on the floor barefoot, but my foot is slightly sweaty, so it picks up EVERY PIECE OF DIRT."


    5. "That feeling you get when an annoying coworker — who you don't want to talk to — comes up to you and starts talking while you're at your desk. You try to give subtle hints to go away, but they don't."


    6. "When someone is messing around with Styrofoam and it's making THAT sound."


    7. "When your feet are simultaneously cold AND sweaty at night??? HOW IS THIS ALLOWED TO BE A THING?"


    8. "When you're trying to get an earring through the back hole of your ear but can't find it, so you're just digging around in that meaty ear void."


    9. "When you run up two flights of stairs and you don’t feel out of breath until, like, a full 60 seconds after you get to the top. I’m so out of shape that my body doesn’t even respond to what I’ve done until it’s well past over. It’s like I have the Internet Explorer of bodies."


    10. "That feeling you get when you're on your way to do a task, but then someone asks you to do that very task you were on your way to do so now it seems like you're only doing it because they asked. It makes me not want to do it anymore."


    11. "When you're about to fall asleep and your body does that fake fall thing."


    12. "The feeling you get the instant you've realized you forgot something at home, but it's too late to go back and get it."


    13. "The feeling of having hair on you after a haircut."


    14. "When you're REALLY upset by something — whether it's anger or sadness — and you're crying your eyes out only to have someone touch you to comfort you, but you feel angry instead."


    15. "When someone interrupts you right in the middle of a good stretch."


    16. "When it's Sunday night and you realize that it's the longest possible time in the week until your next weekend."


    17. "The feeling when your shirt is tucked in and you can feel the shirt untucking and bunching at the top of your pants."


    18. "When you're drinking a beverage without a straw and the ice bumps up against your teeth/lips."


    19. "The feeling you get when you've leaned back in your chair just a tad too far, and it starts to go..."


    Now it's your turn! What's an oddly specific feeling that YOU hate? Share yours in the comments below!