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    Mar 6, 2018

    Netflix's "Lost In Space" Reboot Finally Has A Trailer And It Looks Intense AF

    "Danger, Will Robinson."

    If you're a genuine sci-fi fanatic, you're probably familiar with the original Lost in Space TV show from the '60s.

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    Or perhaps you remember the I-C-O-N-I-C Lost in Space movie reboot starring Joey from Friends, a young Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls, and recent Academy Award winner, Gary Oldman?

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    The '90s were truly a magical time.

    Anyway, we just got our first trailer for Netflix's reboot of the series, and it looks absolutely incredible.

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    At its core, Lost in Space has always been about specific family to be exact.


    In a grim future, the Robinson family venture into the deep reaches of space in an attempt to find an inhabitable planet to colonize.


    However, when they find themselves abruptly thrown off course while en route to their new home, they have to band together in order to survive.


    While the original series and subsequent film were a little on the ~campy~ side, it appears that Netflix plans to plunge the story into darker, scarier territory.


    And, in true Netflix fashion, the special effects are absolutely stunning.


    So be sure to check this one out, premiering on Netflix April 13, 2018.


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