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    Oct 16, 2017

    Here's Our First Look At Netflix's Original Western "Godless" And Holy Shit It Looks Awesome

    "'Tis a fearful love what death can touch."

    Netflix continues to RULE the game in original content, proving they are unafraid to try every genre, from sci-fi to comedy.


    I'm still counting down the minutes until the new season of Stranger Things.

    And today we got a peek into another genre given the original treatment with the upcoming seven-part epic western, Godless.

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    Netflix / Via

    Godless comes to us from Academy Award-winner Steven Soderberg, created by Academy Award-nominated screenwriter and director Scott Frank (who co-wrote this year's smash hit Logan).


    The teaser is a mere 54 seconds, but manages to leave a lasting impression with some incredible imagery and an aching rendition of the classic poem "'Tis a fearful thing."


    The epic follows a notorious criminal (Jeff Daniels) and his outlawed gang seeking revenge on a previous member who's betrayed them.


    So get ready to taste sweet revenge, coming to Netflix Nov. 22, 2017.


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