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People Are Sharing Times Their Teachers Were Weird AF And, Holy Heck, It's Hilarious

"My classmate asked him what it was like to be a teacher, so he interrupted her every 10 seconds."

Look, at one point or another, we've ALL had a really ~odd~ teacher. You know, the kind you STILL tell stories about long after your school days have ended?

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Well, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon recently asked people to share a specific story about their "weird" teacher and, holy heck, people did not disappoint.

It's Hashtags time! Tweet out a funny, weird, or embarrassing thing a teacher has done or said, and tag it with #MyTeacherIsWeird. Could be on the show!

Twitter: @jimmyfallon

Here are just a few of the absolute BEST responses:

1. This Red Sox fan:

2. This secret agent man:

3. This Forrest filibuster:

4. The abnormal professor:

5. This alternative namer:

6. This subject confusion:

7. This literal metaphor:

8. This hangover:

9. This evil twin:

10. This non-threatening name:

11. This ex-girlfriend ex-fan:

12. This tumble:

13. This staple straightener:

14. This real answer:

15. This random thought:

16. This quiet cleanse:

17. This bear-y weird story:

18. This excellent gift:

@jimmyfallon When students aren’t listening my teacher yells “My Time”. I made this clock for him and it hangs in his classroom now. #MyTeacherIsWeird

19. And finally, this apple-hater:

Do you have a weird/random/silly teacher story that rivals these? Share yours in the comments below!

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