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    My Chemical Romance Released A Short Film To Announce Their US Tour, And You Gotta See It

    "Maybe we should do less????" β€” IDK, but not My Chemical Romance.

    Look, I'm not going to drag you along on some wild ride here, let's get right to it: In this house*, we love My Chemical Romance. We always have, and we always will.


    *And by "this house," I specifically mean, like, this post.

    Since announcing their reunion back in October 2019, they've been dropping a new tour date here and there, along with some aesthetic as heck videos, teasing new music.

    My Chemical Romance

    BUT earlier this week, they posted this cryptic as all hell video on their official Instagram, along with the caption, "Please join us on YouTube and at 8:35am PST/11:35am EST." So...ya'll already KNOW my dumbass was online right on time and not a second later.

    So what was this all about, you ask? Well, not new music (release the goddamn album). Instead, we received an incredible, easter egg-ridden short film directed by Kris Mercado. It's the definition of "doing the most" and, frankly, I am living for every single second of it:

    View this video on YouTube

    My Chemical Romance / Via

    The video consists of young man who β€” after using a Ouija board and summoning circle β€” is chased through a world filled with references to all of My Chemical Romance's albums. A world I long to live in.

    My Chemical Romance

    We have the Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge album cover:

    My Chemical Romance, My Chemical Romance/Reprise

    As well as Helena...from the "Helena" music video:

    My Chemical Romance, My Chemical Romance/Reprise

    Then we transition into a hospital, directly referencing the storyline of their The Black Parade album*:

    My Chemical Romance, My Chemical Romance/Reprise

    *You can even hear the tempo building to what sounds like the beginning of the first song on the album, "The End."

    Then the young man dives through a portal leading him into the music video for "Na Na Na" from their last official album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys:

    My Chemical Romance

    Besides the big, sweeping, obvious references, there's also a bunch of tiny easter eggs hidden throughout the video, like the key to the "Hotel Bella Muerte":

    My Chemical Romance

    A coffee mug that says "NJ Dept of Corrections":

    My Chemical Romance

    Likely referencing their iconic bop, "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison."

    And in the closet you briefly see a glimpse of Jet Star's jacket from the "Na Na Na" music video:

    My Chemical Romance

    Along with, like, a billion more tiny lil' references I don't have the time to recap here because I am a human woman who will die one day.

    It goes without saying that I wasn't the only reformed emo losing their goddamn mind over this incredibly unnecessary yet completely necessary announcement video:


    But some fans were quick to point out just HOW extra it was for a tour announcement:

    #MCRXX how fucking extra are my chemical romance man. A 15 minute short film just to announce a US tour

    Still, you have to respect the don't have a choice:

    my chemical romance really said "we're not going to give you anything new until we remind you how iconic we are" and you know what they're right #MCRXX

    So yeah...there ya have it. THE BOYS ARE BACK FOR GOOD. You can find all the tour dates here and, in the meantime, can someone summon the new album? Okay, thanksss!