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    My Chemical Romance Is Finally Teasing New Music And Fans Are Slowly Losing Their Minds

    I brought you my bullets, you brought me this weird-ass video.

    Greetings, fellow emos! Let's just jump right into this: As you likely already know, back in December 2019 My Chemical Romance reunited in Los Angeles to play a show after a six year hiatus. While they didn't play any new music, it was still exciting* for fans to see the group back together again.

    My Chemical Romance / Via

    *At least...I assume it was. I was not there. Tickets sold out in literal seconds. MCR concerts are but a dream for the dead, apparently.

    Since that concert, fans have been waiting patiently (lol) for the band to release more tour dates and ANY new music, but they've given little to no clues as to when either will be released — with the exception of a few very creepy posts to their official Instagram.

    Here's some live footage of me, every single day since their show on December 20, 2019:

    HOWEVER, this past weekend it appears the needle has FINALLY started to move in the direction of new music, with the band releasing this cryptic as all heck video simply titled, An Offering... — and if that isn't the most dramatic, emo-ass thing you've ever seen I don't know what is:

    View this video on YouTube

    My Chemical Romance / Via

    In the short video, we see a few caped figures wearing skull masks making their way through a very smoky forrest.

    My Chemical Romance

    In the background, we hear an instrumental that slowly builds to chanting. It DEFINITELY sounds like some classic My Chemical Romance-style intro track business. WHERE IS THIS ALBUM?!

    My Chemical Romance

    The video culminates with the figures entering a clearing in the forrest, where they find a pentacle. Remember when we all told our parents this wasn't a satan-y band (lol)?

    My Chemical Romance

    Then, one of the caped/masked figures takes out a KNIFE and STABS the center of the PENTACLE. It's ART.

    My Chemical Romance

    The video ends with the OTHER thing fans have been waiting for...another concrete show announcement! This one being for the United Kingdom.

    My Chemical Romance

    Naturally, I wasn't the only fan to lose it over this "offering":

    @MCRofficial are you offering to pay my medical bills when i go into cardiac arrest

    It almost seems like they enjoy making us very emo of them:

    My chemical romance posting once every two weeks, and watching the fandom go into cardiac arrest:

    So yeah...there ya have it. At least it SEEMS like new music is on the way?! In the meantime, I'll be in my room, re-perfecting my eyeliner skills and pretending to be patient.

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