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    People Shared "Mundane" Things That Excite Them And It's So Wonderfully Pure

    "Watching cream swirl into coffee..."

    Listen, sometimes it's easy to lose sight of the tiny things that bring us joy and excitement.

    But this week when redditor avesy90 asked, "What are the most boring/mundane things that excite you?" it truly reminded us that sometimes the smallest things are the biggest joy-bringers.

    Here are just a few of the most magical mundanities shared:

    1. "Receiving packages and opening them. I wish there was a word for the feeling I feel when I see the UPS truck pull up at my house."


    2. "I just like walking to places."


    3. "When dew/rainwater is sliding down a glass window, I always imagine it to be a race. I choose to support one droplet and get mildly disappointed if it loses."


    4. "When I throw away the old kitchen sponge and take out a new one from the pack. It feels like you finally have the tools to clean your dishes the way they deserve to be cleaned, instead of being touched by that bacterial-infestation-waiting-to-happen that was the old sponge."


    5. "When I’m on a flight, and I look out of the window at night to see where all the lights are — especially when you can see a big city. Something about seeing that from that view amazes me."


    6. "Finding change on the ground. Back in high school, I kept a cup in my locker for any coins I found around campus. When Friday morning rolled around, I almost always had enough loose change to buy a donut from the business students’ donut stand."


    7. "I am an accountant. I made a nice spreadsheet that was all linked/updated automatically with a macro. It does about 6 hours of work a month in 10 minutes. It's a nice spreadsheet."


    8. "Seeing snow. I live in a part of Australia that might see snow once a year and — while it only settles for an hour or so — it's so exciting when it happens! I also like heading to the ski resorts just to see snow. It seems so magical!"


    9. "The feeling when you are reading a book in the evening and your eyes start to feel heavy. You can already tell it's going to be hella easy to drift off to sleep, and you are going to get a full eight hours."


    10. "When you got rained on during your commute and you get home and get to take off all your wet clothes and put on dry, clean, comfortable pajamas."


    11. "Getting into a made bed at night after a long day."


    12. "The stars. Sometimes I get home late at night and just stand in my driveway staring at the stars. The universe is insane when you stop and think about it."


    13. "Watching people when I am waiting for the traffic signal to go green. I like to look around at the people and imagine what their story might be. Like, if I see an old lady crossing the road, I would try to assume what she is doing. Maybe she is going to see her nephew, and his nephew is a carpenter!"


    14. "Rain. I love everything about a rainy day. The smell of the Earth, the sound of the rainfall, the grayscale hue that encompasses everything... I even feel physically better due to the air pressure."


    15. "Sleeping on clean, fresh bed sheets."


    16. "Drinking tea/coffee from a new cup I bought. Especially when the cup is small and cute."


    17. "A top-loading washing machine with a glass lid. I can watch a cycle all day long. The water comes up; it spins; the water goes down; it spins; the water comes back up again; it spins; water goes back down; it spins..."


    18. "Grocery shopping. It’s like a mini vacation for me."


    19. "Seeing little critters always brightens my day. Weird tiny insect? Dope. Cool toad? Stellar. Salamander? Absolutely amazing."


    20. "I keep an old-style radio alarm clock just so I can manually turn it off on Friday mornings when I get up for work. I look forward to it all week."


    21. "Watching cream swirl into coffee, especially with a clear glass."


    Now it's your turn! What's one little thing that some people may find "mundane" or "boring" that actually, truly excites you? Share yours in the comments below!