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    The "Mrs. Doubtfire" Cast Had A Mini-Reunion For The Film's 25th Anniversary, And It Will Make Your Heart Happy

    "It would be like, 'Okay, take 25.' And Robin would be different EVERY time."

    Look, if you're a true '90s kid, you remember the exceptional hilarity that was Mrs. Doubtfire.

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    Well, as hard as it may be to believe, the iconic film is actually celebrating its 25TH ANNIVERSARY this month, having originally premiered in November of 1993.

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    And this week a few members of the original cast had a mini-reunion on The Today Show and, OH MAN, IT'S A NOSTALGIA PUNCH TO THE FACE.

    It’s been 25 years since “Mrs. Doubtfire,” so @GadiNBC decided to reunite members of the beloved cast to mark the anniversary!

    Featured in the reunion were Matthew Lawrence, who played Chris:

    20th Century Fox, NBC

    Lisa Jakub who played Lydia:

    20th Century Fox, NBC

    Mara Wilson who played Natalie:

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    And Pierce Brosnan who played Stu, the victim of a drive-by fruiting:

    20th Century Fox, NBC

    While the group had lots to chat about (having not seen each other in literally 25 years), the conversation couldn't help but turn to the comedic genius of Robin Williams.

    "We did a lot of takes," Wilson said, when asked how the cast kept it together during Williams' ad-libbing. "It would be like, 'Okay, take 25.' And Robin would be different EVERY time."


    However, one scene involving Williams' improv stood out to Brosnan upon re-watching the film (which he admitted to doing on HIS WAY TO THE INTERVIEW): The scene in the restaurant, after the child actors had been dismissed so Williams could shoot his close-ups.

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    "It came time to do Robin's close-up, and my close-up...and he just unleashed the craziest innuendos about Sally's character," Brosnan said. "And it was on my close-ups that he went to town."

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    So there ya have it! For more behind-the-scenes stories, be sure to watch the full extended interview on The Today Show's website!

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