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    Our First "Hocus Pocus 2" Trailer, Cameron Diaz Coming Out Of Retirement, And 13 Other Pieces Of Movie News From This Week

    Vampires! Witches! Will Ferrell on roller skates!

    Let's start off with all of the new trailers we've received this week, shall we:

    1. First, we got a look at Ron Howard's newest film, Thirteen Lives.

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    Amazon Prime Video / Via

    Based on a true story, the film documents the 2018 Tham Luang cave rescue in which a group of young soccer players and their coach were trapped in a flooding cave, where they'd been stuck for 18 days.

    Thirteen Lives is slated to hit select theaters July 29th and will be streaming on Amazon Prime August 5th!

    2. Resurrection also received a trailer this week, just in time to fuel my nightmares!

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    IFC Films / Via

    Starring Rebecca Hall and Tim Roth, this thriller follows a woman whose carefully planned life is sent into chaos after someone she tried to escape in her past shows up in her present.

    A woman holds her teenage child

    Resurrection is slated to hit in theaters July 29!

    3. Switching gears, we got a new trailer for Paramount+'s upcoming comedy, Honor Society. (Also, semi-related, but I'm so old that I've now seen Christopher Mintz-Plasse go from playing a high school student to high school guidance counselor in movies.)

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    Paramount Plus / Via

    "You either die McLovin, or you live long enough to see yourself become a guidance counselor." —Harvey Dent, probably.

    When an overachieving high school senior (Angourie Rice) learns she's one of several possible students her guidance counselor plans to recommend to her dream school, she sets off to take out the student she believes is her biggest competition (Gaten Matarazzo). However, as you might have predicted, it backfires spectacularly.

    A teenage boy and teenage girl talk to each other outside

    Honor Society is slated to hit theaters July 29!

    4. And, in a movie that I can only describe as "someone's been reading my diary," The Invitation got a trailer this week!

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    Sony Pictures / Via

    Basically, a young woman is tricked into attending a "family wedding," only to discover there are very dark forces at play. From the trailer's vibes alone, I'd say the plot feels very "Ready or Not meets Van Helsing," and it's positively absurd how much this concept is, as the kids say, my shit.

    A young woman in a wedding dress holds a knife

    The Invitation is slated to hit theaters August 26!

    5. What's that? You wanted another trailer for a horror/thriller? Well, look no further than Barbarian, which we got a first look at this week, as well!

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    20th Century Studios / Via

    The trailer for this film does a great job of giving us absolutely nothing plot-wise, but all of the visceral "oh no" feelings. Like, seriously, just watch the trailer. I'll wait here.

    A woman cries, terrified, while crawling up a staircase

    Barbarian is slated to hit theaters August 31!

    6. Pivoting from "scary" into "spooky," we also got our very first look the highly anticipated Hocus Pocus 2, which means it's officially Halloween season (don't question me)!

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    Disney+ / Via

    The Sanderson sisters are back and more fabulous than ever, awoken once more by that black flame candle. Plus, they've upgraded their rides! Winnie's still rocking the broomstick, but Sarah traded in the mop for a Swiffer, and Mary said "bye bye" to her vacuum in exchange for a set of lil' Robot Vacuums!

    I know she ain’t flying on Roombas 😭

    Disney+ / Via Twitter: @daltoncodyy

    Hocus Pocus 2 is slated to hit Disney+ Sept. 30!

    7. In "I didn't know I needed this, but now I can't live without it" news, we got out first look at Ticket to Paradise: a rom-com starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney!

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    Universal Pictures / Via

    The mega-stars play an estranged married couple headed to their daughter's destination wedding. Both discover they are dead-set on stopping the nuptials, and thus hilariously team up. Chaos ensues.

    A man in a tuxedo stands beside a woman in a long gown, both looking off at something offscreen

    Ticket to Paradise is slated to hit theaters Oct. 21!

    8. And last but certainly no least for trailers, we received our first trailer for the upcoming mystery/comedy See How They Run!

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    Searchlight Pictures / Via

    And y'all — this cast is STACKED. Including the likes of Sam Rockwell, Saoirse Ronan, Adrien Brody, Ruth Wilson, Reece Shearsmith, Harris Dickinson, and David Oyelowo, this whodunit follows a cynical detective and his rookie partner as they unravel a murder spree taking place on a film set.

    A man and a woman look on at a discovery they've made off screen

    See How They Run is slated to hit theaters Oct. 21!

    That's all for trailers this week! Next up, let's take a look at some fun making-of/behind-the-scenes stories:

    9. First, some exciting news: Cameron Diaz is coming out of retirement from acting to star in an upcoming Netflix film opposite Jamie Foxx!

    Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz attend a photocall for "Annie" at Corinthia Hotel London

    And apparently, Jamie had to call in a favor to help get Cameron ~back in the game~, sharing an audio clip on Twitter that revealed he enlisted the king of un-retirement, Tom Brady, to have a little chat with her:

    Cameron I hope you aren’t mad I recorded this, but no turning back now. Had to call in the GOAT to bring back another GOAT. @CameronDiaz and I are BACK IN ACTION - our new movie with @NetflixFilm. Production starting later this year!! 🦊🐐

    Jamie Foxx / Via Twitter: @iamjamiefoxx

    The film, which is appropriately titled Back in Action, has very few details out right now, but we do know it will be Cameron's first time back on the big screen since 2014! Welcome back, Cameron!

    Cameron Diaz Visits "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" at NBC Studios

    10. And remember earlier when I noted that a specific trailer was "my shit"? Well, meet a movie pitch that is also very much my shit: it was announced this week that Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse will star in Lisa Frankenstein, a story about "a high schooler who accidentally re-animates a Victorian corpse during a storm." Seriously? No notes. Take all of my money now.

    The film is penned by Juno writer Diablo Cody, and is the feature-length directorial debut of Zelda Williams!

    Boris Karloff as Frankenstein

    11. We also got an update on a possible Romy and Michele's High School Reunion sequel from Mira Sorvino herself!

    Two women in fuzzy short dresses stand in a crowd

    CBS Mornings asked Mira about a possible sequel during the celebration of the film's 25th anniversary this week, and Mira noted: "I can't say anything, but we are closer now than we've ever been to that being a reality."

    Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino presenting an award

    "The wheels are starting to move, and I am so excited," she concluded. Yes! Make! It! Happen!!!

    Mira Sorvino attends the 28th Screen Actors Guild Awards at Barker Hangar

    12. Ending this section on a couple of fun behind-the-scenes things, we got to see an alternate ending for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness!

    Dr Strange surrounded by red goo

    Writer Michael Waldron noted that the original plan was that, in the third act, our good Doctor Strange would get "trapped" in the incursion universe, leading to a twist ending that shows "Sinister Strange" (the one our good Doctor Strange fought and ultimately killed) "turns around, and the third eye opens."

    Dr Strange's face changing shape as he moves through multiverses

    So, while in the canon ending our good Doctor Strange's third eye opens as a result of the Darkhold, in the alternate ending, it was Agatha — I mean, "Sinister Strange" — all along!

    13. And, of course, we got a ridiculous amount of new on-set photos for the Barbie movie. Here I was thinking these two promotional images were enough:

    But no! Y'all, we got so many more.

    Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling share a laugh as they film a rollerblading scene for 'Barbie' in Venice Beach in very bright and colorful neon attire.

    Each new one is, truly, a gift.

    Will Ferrell in roller skates

    Finally, let's end this post on a couple of the new films coming to theaters this weekend:

    14. Mr. Malcolm's List

    A woman and man in masquerade masks dance

    After being humiliated by Mr. Malcolm — a man who keeps a list of all of the qualities he demands of a wife — a young woman in 19th-century England sets out to embarrass him by hiring a woman to meet all of his requirements, only to turn around and reveal he meets none of hers.

    You can watch the trailer here:

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    Bleeker Street / Via

    15. Minions: The Rise of Gru

    Young Gru stands against a wall with his minions

    Everybody loves a prequel, and, in this one, we get to see what makes Gru so Gru-y! When a young Gru tries to join a team of supervillains, things go awry quickly, and it gets even worse after he steals a precious stone with the help of his minions. YES, MINIONS. Also, this cast, though? Star-studded!

    You can watch the trailer here:

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    Illumination / Via

    What movie news excited you the most this week? Share in the comments below!

    Oh, and if you missed last week's installment of movie news, it's never too late to catch up here!