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    16 Fan Theories About Movies You Love That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

    It! Was! All! A! Dream!

    We recently asked members of our BuzzFeed Community to tell us about a movie fan theory that BLEW THEIR MIND, and they did NOT disappoint. So, here are some of the most intense fan theories shared. (WARNING: A few of these get quite dark, so proceed with caution.)

    1. Titanic:

    2. The Blair Witch Project:

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    "I learned about this fan theory from a YouTube channel. Basically, he theorized that the witch in the film never existed. Instead Josh and Mike — the two guys who filmed the documentary with Heather — actually led Heather to the abandoned house and murdered her. Before the release of the movie, the filmmakers released 'Heather’s journal' on a website, and it gave several clues that help connect the dots. Definitely watch the video!"


    3. Suicide Squad:

    4. Jurassic World:

    5. Minority Report:

    6. The Back to the Future trilogy:

    7. Fight Club:

    8. The Town:

    9. The Harry Potter franchise:

    10. Grease:

    11. The Avengers franchise:

    12. Taxi Driver:

    13. Star Wars: The Last Jedi:

    14. Tarzan:

    15. Blade Runner:

    16. And finally, the James Bond franchise:

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