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    16 Fan Theories About Movies You Love That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

    It! Was! All! A! Dream!

    We recently asked members of our BuzzFeed Community to tell us about a movie fan theory that BLEW THEIR MIND, and they did NOT disappoint. So, here are some of the most intense fan theories shared. (WARNING: A few of these get quite dark, so proceed with caution.)

    1. Titanic:

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    "There's a fan theory that Jack never existed. Rose was so upset about her abusive arranged marriage that she invented an imaginary person who could make her happy, which is why there's no record of him."


    2. The Blair Witch Project:

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    "I learned about this fan theory from a YouTube channel. Basically, he theorized that the witch in the film never existed. Instead Josh and Mike — the two guys who filmed the documentary with Heather — actually led Heather to the abandoned house and murdered her. Before the release of the movie, the filmmakers released 'Heather’s journal' on a website, and it gave several clues that help connect the dots. Definitely watch the video!"


    3. Suicide Squad:

    Warner Bros.

    "There is a fan theory that says Jared Leto's Joker is NOT the real Joker, but a former Robin kidnapped and tortured BY the real Joker. When you see the Robin suit in Batman v Superman with 'Joke's on you, Batman' written on it, you can see bullet holes, which just so happen to correspond to the wounds on Leto's body. Batman probably killed the real Joker in a fit of rage, but can't bring himself to kill Robin."


    4. Jurassic World:

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    "One of my favorite fan theories is that the Indominus rex actually has some human DNA, which accounts for its intelligence and ability to outwit our main characters, as well as the other dinosaurs."


    5. Minority Report:

    20th Century Fox

    "There's a widely-known fan theory that John Anderton (Tom Cruise’s character) dreamed the last act of this film. The very last thing he’s told BEFORE going into suspended animation is that 'all of his wildest dreams will come true,' which is more or less what happens in the last part of the film."


    6. The Back to the Future trilogy:

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    "There's a fan theory that claims this entire franchise is a chiasmus — a story where the events mirror and/or happen in reverse halfway through. The middle of the chiasmus occurs in the second movie when Doc explains the alternate timeline to Marty, and then Biff reveals how THAT alternate timeline was caused by Marty in the next scene."


    7. Fight Club:

    20th Century Fox

    "There's one freaky fan theory that claims that the Narrator and Tyler Durden are meant to be grown-up versions of Calvin and Hobbes. The Narrator is Calvin and Tyler/Hobbes are his way of letting his dark side out without him having to take responsibility."


    8. The Town:

    Warner Bros. Pictures, Miramax Films

    "I just rewatched this and I'm convinced that Ben Affleck's bank-robbing character is actually a grown up version of his character from Good Will Hunting. I imagine he went bad in Boston once his best friend left and didn't talk to him again."


    9. The Harry Potter franchise:

    Warner Bros.

    "Since Harry was an unintentional Horcrux created by Voldemort, the Dursleys acted the way they did around him directly because of that. Think about it! The same way Ron acted when he wore the locket. What if they were really nice people but, because Harry was a Horcrux, they acted that way for a reason and it was foreshadowing the whole time!"


    10. Grease:

    Paramount Pictures

    "There's that one kind of dark fan theory that suggests that Sandy was dead the whole time. She drowned at the beginning of the movie (Danny even mentions this in the 'Summer Nights' song) and, at the end of the movie when she and Danny go up to the sky in the car, she is going to heaven."


    11. The Avengers franchise:

    Marvel Studios

    "There's a WILD fan theory that claims Tony Stark is actually a full-fledged member of Hydra:

    He helped make the Helicarriers during Winter Soldier. He invented a robot (Ultron) that was deliberately flawed so that the government would want to put the superheroes in check. He supported the Sokovia Accords, which stripped enhanced people of civil rights. He tried to kill Bucky because he realized that Bucky was getting his memory back and could ID him as Hydra. When Thanos's people came for the Infinity Stones, he deliberately didn't call Steve Rogers for help because he wanted the Avengers to lose.

    Because Doctor Strange realized what Tony was via his powers, he deliberately convinced Tony to kill himself at the end of Endgame."


    12. Taxi Driver:

    Columbia Pictures

    "I heard a fan theory a long time ago that said everything we see after the shootout is a dream sequence, while in reality he is still in that room slowly dying from his gunshot wounds."


    13. Star Wars: The Last Jedi:

    LucasFilm LTD.

    "I once read a fan theory that Snoke is actually Boba Fett. Think about it: A couple of years after being digested by the Sarlacc, he somehow managed to get out and that's why his face is so messed up. For some reason he also then decided to make the First Order??? I'm not convinced, but it is a wild theory and pretty interesting to read."


    14. Tarzan:


    "I personally believe that Jane is somehow related to Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Jane shows a lot of facial resemblance to Belle, and we see Chip and Mrs. Potts during a musical sequence, which could mean that the family utensils were passed down to her."


    15. Blade Runner:

    Warner Bros.

    "The fan theory that endured for generations was that Harrison Ford's character WAS a replicant the entire time, though the sequel did kind of debunk this years later."


    16. And finally, the James Bond franchise:

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    "I love the fan theory that all the 'James Bonds' aren't actually the REAL 'James Bond.' The idea is that each of them were brainwashed and 'James Bond' is just their codename. This connects to ANOTHER favorite fan theory of mine that says the villain in Skyfall, Raoul, was actually a former 'James Bond' who's seeking revenge against the agency for taking away his identity."


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