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    People Are Sharing The Most F***ed-Up TV Scenes Ever, And It's Shocking Some Of These Ever Aired

    Some of these shows, quite literally, got away with murder.

    This week in a viral thread, redditor u/thertt8 asked, "What is a scene from a TV show that really disturbed you?" and, WHEW BUDDY, did people come through with some highly messed-up answers. So, here are just a few of the most disturbing TV scenes shared:

    WARNING: Due to the nature of the TV scenes being shared in this post, there is VERY DISTURBING CONTENT AHEAD, including descriptions of violence and sexual assault. Please proceed with caution and take care of yourself. Also, SPOILERS AHEAD.

    1. Heroes

    Skylar bleeding from the head

    "When Sylar broke into Claire’s home, overpowered her, cut open her head, and rubbed his finger along her brain to take her power — all while she was immobilized on the coffee table and unable to die because of her healing ability."


    2. Ozark

    The sister crying as she's driving

    "When the brother diagnosed with bipolar disorder broke down. Then, his sister left the table at the restaurant and drove back. The phone rang and it was her brother, and then it stopped ringing and she just knew he was dead. It fucking wrecked me. The actors were phenomenal in those scenes. So good. Such a good series, too."


    3. Breaking Bad

    A bound-and-gagged Jessie screaming in anguish

    "When Todd killed Andrea in front of Jesse. It made my gut drop to the center of the Earth seeing Jesse scream in pain. Aaron Paul acted the hell out of that scene."


    4. The Tudors

    blood pooling over an ornate cross

    "The botched execution of Thomas Cromwell because Henry Cavill's character got the executioner drunk. Seven or eight tries to kill a man who was promised a clean, quick death was pretty chilling. History tells us that was pretty close to how it happened, too."


    5. Atlanta

    LaKeith Stanfield sitting on an ornate chair

    "The whole 'Michael Jackson'/Teddy Perkins episode was extremely disturbing to me."


    6. Fringe


    "There’s an episode of his show where a guy is trying to bring a dead girl back to life by stealing all of her donated organs back from people. In one scene, he hooks her corpse up to a bunch of ropes that he has connected to a machine, and makes it do a ballet dance. The scene is really well done, but also super fucked up."


    7. The X-Files


    "There's an absolutely batshit episode of this show involving an inbred family who live on a farm and all rape their deformed, amputee mother. They helped her give birth, and then buried the dead fetuses in the backyard."


    8. M*A*S*H

    Haweye crying

    "When the lady smothered her baby so the enemy wouldn’t hear it crying and kill everyone on the bus. Hawkeye tried to convince himself over the years that it was a chicken, but finally admitted it to himself, because he was the one who told her to keep the baby quiet."


    9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Buffy on the phone

    "When Buffy finds her mom dead. For a show full of crazy supernatural elements, that moment was just so realistic and relatable for so many people."


    10. The Haunting of Hill House


    "The entire 'Bent Neck Lady' subplot."


    11. Scrubs


    "When Dr. Cox loses four patients. It just rips your heart apart, but also shows the epic quality of acting within the show."


    12. The Boys

    Amazon Studios

    "When Homelander gave up on the hijacked plane. Just such dread from all of the people knowing they’re about to die."


    13. Downton Abbey


    "When Lady Sybil died shortly after giving birth. It’s one of the most violent deaths I’ve ever seen on television. Just the way her whole family surrounded her, pleading for her to live, and there was absolutely nothing they could do."


    14. Game of Thrones


    "Talisa getting stabbed in her pregnant belly during the 'Red Wedding' Episode."


    15. Orange is the New Black

    Poussey on the floor as another inmate holds her body

    "When Poussey was killed by a police officer during the cafeteria riot."


    16. Invincible

    Amazon Studios

    "The end of the first episode. The twist hit me like a truck out of nowhere and it was more graphic than I thought the show would be since I went in blind. I don't have an issue with it, I just wasn't ready for it to go down like that when they put me at ease with a team so akin to the Justice League."


    17. Black Mirror

    A pig eating out of a trough in a large room with a man standing in the background

    "The pig scene from 'National Anthem.' For those who don’t know, the prime minister was blackmailed into having sex with a pig on national television in order for terrorists to release a princess they kidnapped."


    18. All in the Family

    Jean being held close by a man against her will

    "The attempted sexual assault of Edith. It legitimately put Jean Stapleton at the top of the list of greatest TV actors. She played Edith so well as a naive-yet-loving and supportive wife, so her being put into a dramatic situation and using the full range of her acting skills made her shine so bright."


    19. Futurama

    Seymour standing outside Panucci's Pizza in the rain

    "That episode where Seymour the dog waits for Fry for years in the elements. It disturbed me because there are animals out there that are ridiculously loyal to humans who, in turn, treat them like trash."


    20. Grey's Anatomy

    Mark sitting up in his hospital bed

    "Season 9, Episode 1 when Mark Sloan dies. During the episode, his character's health devolves to the point that the viewer knows he's going to die. Shortly before he passes, Mark experiences a phenomenon called 'terminal lucidity,' which is a medical term that refers to a period of increased mental clarity and alertness during the dying process. The scene is particularly gut-wrenching for me to watch as I witnessed this happen to my father when he was in hospice care for terminal cancer."


    21. And finally: The Walking Dead

    Negan looking down at one of his potential victims

    "The season opener with Negan having Rick Grimes and company on their knees, and he bashed Glenn and Abraham. I wasn't ready."


    You've read their picks, but now it's YOUR turn! What do you believe is the single most disturbing scene to ever air on TV? Share yours in the comments below!

    Some responses were edited for length and/or clarity. H/T Reddit.

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