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    The "Mortal Kombat" Movie Is Finally Out, So Here Are All Of The Funniest Fan Reactions

    GET OVER HERE (into this post, I mean, ya silly goose)!

    ICYMI, this week Mortal Kombat was released in all of its fantastic, bloody glory, and fans nearly lost their damn heads over it!

    So with that in mind, we took to Twitter and Tumblr to round up some of the very best jokes and memes about the movie, and curated them into this easy to enjoy list! Ready? Here we go! CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER:

    Oh and, of course, WARNING: There are some spoilers ahead for the film!

    1. This at-home cosplay:

    Me showing up to my living room to watch this Mortal Kombat movie 🥴

    Twitter: @fahad__yd

    2. This A+ comparison:

    How I’m pullin up to see Mortal Kombat

    Twitter: @yungmango_

    3. This fair question:

    4. This expert meme use:

    Everyone who's ever played Mortal Kombat during the sweep kick scene:

    Twitter: @LesbihanSolo

    5. No really, this meme is perfect for everything:

    When Scorpion said GET OVER HERE to Sub Zero in Mortal Kombat movie #MortalKombat

    Twitter: @ShivamChatak

    6. This violent agenda:

    Bruh Sub-Zero during every scene of Mortal Kombat #MortalKombat

    Twitter: @OfficialSaintJ

    7. This fantastic fighter:

    Me after watching Mortal Kombat: #MortalKombat

    Twitter: @kcjj_04

    8. This relaxin' Raiden:

    The whole squad gettin they ass beat in Mortal Kombat Raiden:

    Twitter: @thevoid_isblack

    9. This sexuality:

    10. This video depiction:

    Mileena tasting Sonya Blades blood. #MortalKombat

    Twitter: @5starWitch_

    11. And this OTHER video depiction:

    Every time Sub-Zero showed up 😂😂 #MortalKombatMovie

    Twitter: @Sensai_RaffSama

    12. This stunned silence:

    Cole Young and Liu Kang just standing there watching Shang Tsung take Kung Lao's soul: #MortalKombat

    Twitter: @radvstheworld

    13. This fancy ass hat:

    Kung Lao & his fancy ass hat on #MortalKombat

    Twitter: @NadeQueeen

    14. This Jax comparison:

    Jax in Mortal Kombat before he got his arms powered up: #MortalKombat

    Twitter: @banksburner25

    15. And finally — this perfect summation:

    Have you seen Mortal Kombat yet? If so, what'd ya think?! Share all of your thoughts in the comments below! OH! And, if you loved what you read, be sure to click through and follow your favorite creators on both Twitter and Tumblr to make your timelines more fun, nerdy places to be!