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    "Morbius" Has Its First Teaser And It Contains Some Serious "Spider-Man" Easter Eggs

    On today's episode of "A Thing I Didn't Know I Needed In My Life Until Right Now"...

    Look, it's a Monday. I'm out here just trying to live my life. I'm minding my own business. Heck, the Academy Award nominations came out...I have enough on my mind today.

    Marvel Studios

    But then — outta freakin' nowhere — a teaser trailer for Sony Pictures' Moribus dropped online with absolutely no warning and now I can think and/or talk about nothing else:

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    Okay, so...allow me to break this teaser down for you as best I can:

    Sony Pictures

    Jared Leto is Michael Morbius*, a Nobel Prize-winning doctor living with a rare blood condition that is slowly but surely killing him.

    Sony Pictures

    *He is also, notably, a villain in the Spider-Man comics. This will be important momentarily, I promise.

    Morbius is quickly running out of time in his search for a cure to his crippling disease, which causes him to resort to some seriously desperate options...

    Sony Pictures

    ...which — as with most comic book tales — takes a dark turn, and Morbius gets transformed into a “pseudo vampire." Yes, you read that correctly.

    Sony Pictures

    While his newfound state does come with some serious perks — like echolocation and flight — it also comes with that typical vampire downside: A pesky thirst for blood.

    Sony Pictures

    But the real WHAT THE HECK moment of the trailer comes at the tail end, when we get a glimpse of a ~familiar face~. Yup, that's Michael Keaton reprising his role as Adrian Toomes/Vulture as previously seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

    Sony Pictures

    So these films DO take place in the same cinematic universe?!

    Overall, the tone of the film feels super spooky and very similar to 2017's Venom, but, like...with just a DROP of Van Helsing added in for good measure.

    Sony Pictures

    And, in case you're new here...I unironically love me some Van Helsing.

    Naturally, Marvel fans about lost their darn minds at all of this. There's much to unpack here:

    Morbius trailer has the biggest galaxy brain shot I've ever seen, what is happening -MCU Spidey was branded a murderer at the end of Far From Home...ok -This poster is the 🚨 RAIMI 🚨 SPIDER-MAN SUIT -THE IMAGE IS THE PROMOTIONAL IMAGE PUT OUT BY INSOMNIAC FOR THE PS4 GAME

    Especially given all the ~drama~ between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios over the Spider-Man property in the not-so-distant past:

    Kevin Feige watching the #Morbius trailer and seeing Micheal Keaton at the end.

    So uh...yeah! There's certainly a lot to be excited about here, so be sure to catch all of this super spooky goodness when Morbius hits theaters Summer 2020!

    Sony Pictures

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