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Posted on Jan 31, 2018

Michelle Obama Finally Revealed What Melania Trump Gifted Her At The Inauguration, And Why It Looked Awkward AF

"Everyone cleared one would come and take this box."

Allow me to take you back a little over a year ago, to Inauguration Day 2017.

Pool / Getty Images

On this day in history, this infamous screenshot was taken when an inexplicably awkward exchange occurred between exiting first lady Michelle Obama and incoming first lady Melania Trump:

ABC News

Upon arriving at the White House, Trump handed Obama an unexpected gift, which left Obama awkwardly looking for a place to put it down.

ABC News

Thus, a meme was born.

President Obama quickly stepped in, grabbing the gift and bringing it inside the White House, but this left the rest of us feeling like Brad Pitt circa Seven:

New Line Cinema

And also...why was that so damn awkward???

Well, now we now have our answer. The former first lady appeared on Ellen this week, where she was asked about the meme-inducing awkwardness.

View this video on YouTube

NBC / Via

Starts around 3:40 mark!

Turns out there's so much protocol during the transition of power, even the smallest surprise moment can throw the whole White House staff off their game.


Resulting in literally every anxious person's worst nightmare, that is, until former president Obama was like, "GIMME DAT."


A literal "thanks, Obama" moment.

As for what was inside the box:


So there ya have it, another mystery solved.

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

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