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    "Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil" Has Its First Teaser Trailer And Holy Heck, Y'all

    *"Season of the Witch" blares in the distance*

    Happy day to you, my dear friends. I'll have you know I was a VERY good grown-up so far this week. I've paid my bills on time, kept up with my vitamins, and even remembered to take out the trash this morning!


    Well, it appears I have been rewarded for my excellent adulting skills with a stunning gift in the form of our FIRST teaser trailer for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. A gift I had no idea I needed, but now can absolutely not live without:

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    It's been a HOT minute since we were introduced to Angelina Jolie's Maleficent and her tragic backstory back in 2014, and this sequel sees the infamous fairy take on a new adversary in the form of Queen Ingrith (Michelle Pfeiffer).


    I wasn't aware that I required this face-off to keep living a happy and healthy life — and yet, here we are. I accept this fully with open arms and would like to thank the universe.


    Besides Pfeiffer, all of our faves from the original are back, including but not limited to the lovely Elle Fanning as Aurora, who appears to be BETROTHED in this teaser.


    Which is cool and all, but let's get back to Maleficent because she's the only character that matters to me. Here she is entering the kingdom like a badass:


    Here she is flying with what looks like a hot-darn fairy-filled ARMY:


    And here she is picking out my Halloween costume for me:


    I'm going to be cold this year!

    Now I am, OF COURSE, the only fan pumped to see our ~Mistress~ back in action, especially given these casting decisions.

    "Maleficent 2" with Angeline Jolie & Michelle Pheiffer. Me:

    Seriously, just give the casting team all of the awards now and also, maybe, my first born child? Too much?

    Avengers who? Star Wars what? This stare-off will be THE cinematic moment of 2019 for me. #maleficent

    Basically, Maleficent could fully murder me — in her fairy and/or dragon form — and I'd probably thank her.

    i just want everyone to know if maleficent kills me, DO NOT PROSECUTE HER. she caught ME slippin and that’s on ME.

    Love ya, Maleficent, you wild-yet-wonderfully dramatic lady. Oct. 18, 2019, cannot come quickly enough!


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