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Updated on Oct 28, 2019. Posted on Oct 28, 2019

17 Random Long-Term Relationship Moments, As Depicted By Horror Movies

Because love is terrifying, TBH.

1. When your significant other stops spooning you and rolls over in bed, so you take up the big spoon position because YOU DECIDE WHEN CUDDLING ENDS:

Paramount Pictures

2. When you hear the fridge door open in the middle of the night and KNOW that they're going for YOUR leftovers:


3. When you can feel a heated disagreement turning into a full-on fight, but are trying your best to stop it because you love them and stuff:

Warner Bros. Pictures

4. And when, no matter how hard you tried, that disagreement turns into a full-blown sass-off that you came ready to win:


5. When you're waiting for them to finish their laundry so you can do yours, but they're taking forever:

Warner Bros. Pictures

6. When you're going out with your mutual friends, but your S.O. wants to stay in, not drink, and go to bed early:

New Line Cinema

7. When they said they were going to be ready to go out half an hour ago, but you're STILL waiting outside for them:

Compass International Pictures

8. When you're in a crowded place and are scared you'll lose them, so you follow them a little TOO closely:

20th Century Fox

9. When you're trying to coyly talk shit about people to each other in public without anyone noticing:

Paramount Pictures

10. When you're trying to peacefully make dinner in the kitchen but your S.O. is too hungry to wait:

Universal Pictures

11. When they try to have phone sex at an incredibly inappropriate time:

New Line Cinema

12. When you're super-sick, bedridden, and miserable, but your S.O. makes the deadly mistake of trying to "help" you:

Warner Bros. Pictures

13. Or worse, when they're the one who's sick and they try to convince you to still ~get it on~, knowing damn well it'll get YOU sick, too:

TriStar Pictures

14. When you get suckered into having dinner with their family, who — let's be real — don't like you very much:

Bryanston Distributing Company

15. When they come home after an especially bad day at work and you — even though you're exhausted — simply HAVE to cheer them up:

Warner Bros.

16. When your cheering-up attempts don't work at all, but they still appreciate your love and support:

Universal Studios

17. And finally, when you almost forget your anniversary but then every single mutual friend texts to remind you:

United Film Distribution Company

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