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    17 Reactions To The "Loki" Trailer That Are Equal Parts Fun And Mischievous — Just Like Our Boy

    *"My Boyfriend's Back" by The Angels plays softly in the distance.*

    Happy Monday, everyone! And, OH, what a beautiful day it is — especially since we were just blessed by the God of Mischief himself with a new trailer for Disney+'s Loki! Check out all the marvelous shenanigans here:

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    Marvel Studios

    And you already KNOW fans about lost their darn minds over the incredibly epic trailer, so with that in mind, we took to Twitter to round up some of the very best reactions, and curated them into this easy to enjoy list! Ready? Here we go:

    1. This apology:

    sorry for the person marvel studios is going to make me this summer #Loki

    Twitter: @civiiswar

    2. This wink:

    Mobius: “You’ve literally stabbed people in the back like 50 times!” #Loki: “Well, I’d never do it again” Also Loki:

    Twitter: @MrNiceGuy513

    3. This scientific breakdown:

    Twitter: @hiddlesbb

    4. This concerning stat:

    Twitter: @LokiSnakes

    5. This dream duo:

    Twitter: @UpToTASK

    6. This rainbow:

    Twitter: @darkholdstrange

    7. This ideal team-up:

    Twitter: @wxndachaos

    8. This "type":

    Twitter: @nomadloki

    9. This selfie:


    Twitter: @snowpointexe

    10. This vision board:

    Twitter: @reedushiddles

    11. This lil' wave:

    me as I say goodbye to my sanity after the loki trailer #Loki

    Twitter: @starkerwitch

    12. This crossover appeal:

    Loki Wanda 🤝 Thinking powerful agencies are clowns

    Twitter: @theant02

    13. This "wow" you can hear:

    My reaction to the the new #Loki trailer and seeing Owen Wilson in it

    Twitter: @Ross_Swim14

    14. This A+ lighting:

    ugh i just think that sam, bucky and loki in purple lighting

    Twitter: @maximoffbarn3s

    15. This repeat pose:

    Twitter: @waterlokis

    16. This accurate number:

    Loki signing to verify the 19865637838 times he’s said the word brother

    Twitter: @LokiLovesThorki

    17. And finally — this true scene-stealer:

    What did you think of the new trailer?! Loki's going to 100% impersonate Owen Wilson at some point, right? Share all of your thoughts in the comments below! OH, and if you loved what you read, be sure to click through and follow your favorite creators on Twitter to make your timeline a more fun, nerdy place to be!

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