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    26 "Little Things" That Keep People Happy

    "The way the sun can warm you up on a chilly day."

    While big picture things are always important, let's be honest: It's the little things in life that often bring us the most joy and keep us going.

    So, when Reddit user eeriiee asked, "What little things keep you happy?" the responses were enough to keep me going for 1,000 more years.

    Here are just a few of the sweetest little things shared:

    1. "Squirrels, man. Whenever I'm having a rough time and I see those energetic little tree rats running around without a care in the world, I cheer up a bit."


    2. "The sound of my dog following me around the house. I get up, he gets up. I hear his little feet tapping on the floor and his metal collar/tags clinking's perfect."


    3. "I’ve been eating this protein bar when I’m in a pinch and don’t have time to make something better. I mentioned in passing to my boyfriend that I had run out of these bars. When I got home today, there was a big box of them left on my porch."


    4. "Watching a bird take a bath. They look like they enjoy it so much."


    5. "Whenever someone tells me that a certain thing reminded them of me, or that they thought of me after looking at something."


    6. "When my husband takes the time to brush the snow off my car, even though it’s early and he really doesn’t have to. It makes my heart smile that he thinks of me."


    7. "Eating good comfort food while starting an episode of a series that you're bingeing, knowing that there are hundreds more unseen episodes waiting."


    8. "When I come through the door at the end of the day, and my cats always scream in delight. They never do it for my boyfriend, or anyone else. I'm positive that it's because they've learned that when I'm gone for a few hours then come back, it means they're about to be fed...but I'd rather pretend it's because they love me."


    9. "The beauty of the stars and planets, especially on a cool, crisp night."


    10. "If I brought up something in a conversation with someone about what I wanted to do and the next time we meet they ask how it went."


    11. "The sunset. It reminds me of how beautiful the world can be. Even if the place you’re at in the moment seems hostile and dark, you can see beauty in it."


    12. "When someone says that I smell 'good.' I sweat a lot, and I constantly fear that I smell bad — even if I haven't done anything to make me sweat — so the random compliments I sometimes get on my cologne or my deodorant make me feel better."


    13. "As a guy, receiving a genuine compliment. It is rare, but it can make my whole year, honestly, and is always a good memory."


    14. "My employees being happy at work."


    15. "Watching a dog sleep on its back. They look so carefree and silly."


    16. "Showers. I LOVE showers. I once went on a mission trip to Jamaica, and the place I was staying at had issues with their water supply. Access to warm running water is a luxury. I am always in disbelief that I get to come home to a warm shower every night. For those of us who can, don't let that little gift go unnoticed. It's truly a privilege."


    17. "Growing up with your friends through high school and college and seeing them do well in life."


    18. "Mowing the lawn. It's just me, the mower, the lawn, and my music. It makes me feel at peace, and I'm excited any time I have the opportunity."


    19. "The fact that my cat sleeps at the foot of the bed, on my side, whenever I'm in the bed. She's not outwardly affectionate, so it's sweet that she tries to be close to me when she thinks I don't notice."


    20. "The way the sun can warm you up on a chilly day."


    21. "When an old lady, unironically, calls me 'honey' or 'dear' or 'pumpkin.' It's like a blessing from a wingless angel."


    22. "When my friends text ME first."


    23. "A freshly washed, warm comforter right out of the dryer."


    24. "Whenever my wife gets all hyper and acts all goofy. She’s such a weirdo, and it charms the hell out of me. For example, she LOVES the song 'Beautiful Crazy' by Luke Combs. Whenever it comes on in the car, she gets so excited and belts it out without a care. Now whenever I hear that song and I’m not with her I think about how much I love her and, honestly, I get a lump in my throat."


    25. "When I come to bed after my boyfriend and he's still mostly asleep, but he moves closer to me to cuddle me while making happy, sleepy noises."


    26. "Actually getting a simple 'thank you' for holding the door open for people. It gives me a little glimpse of hope for the future."


    All right, now it's YOUR turn? What's a little thing that keeps you happy? Share in the comments below and spread joy to all!