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    Since We've Already Torn Apart "The Last Jedi" Trailer For Clues, Let's Examine The Poster

    Because some fans are POSITIVE they've found Darth Vader hidden in it.

    So unless you've been chilling on an isolated island with some porgs, you're aware that there's a new The Last Jedi trailer...and it's everything.

    But, in all the hype, I feel like we lost sight of another important Star Wars release from last night: this fucking amazing poster.

    Check out the brand new poster for Star Wars: #TheLastJedi and watch the trailer tonight.

    Fans had ecstatic reactions when the poster was tweeted out right before the trailer, and they pretty much immediately began interpreting it.

    It's a big call, but my first reaction is this could be the finest @starwars poster ever created.

    There's a lot to unpack here, so let's take it from the top (literally). We have Luke in the coveted ~ominous presence~ spot, and as many fans on Twitter have pointed out...the choice of lighting is telling.

    Though, to be fair (and not cause all of our childhoods to go into cardiac arrest simultaneously), this spot is also reserved for any presence that may be ~looming~ over everyone, which feels accurate for Luke in this film.

    Luke looks ominous. He's in what I would call the "Vader position" of the poster. An interesting choice.

    He is the LAST jedi after all.

    Next up we have Rey (my sweet angel) and Kylo Ren (who, in case you missed the news, is officially cancelled until further notice and/or is proven to be otherwise).

    Rey, I love you. You're my whole world. I will not let the pretty boy hurt you.


    Then we have Finn and Poe... one of whom IS NOT ON THE CORRECT SIDE OF THE POSTER, EXCUSE ME.


    @starwars So is everyone going to ignore how Po Dameron is on the dark side of the poster?!

    And many have pointed out the distinct decision to put our Lord and Savior front and center where she DESERVES to be.

    Nothing but respect for my President.

    @starwars @MrDalekJD Seeing Carrie Fisher front and center just makes my heart hurt

    Also, some have noted the odd choice to NOT include Snoke at all, which has caused a HIGH-KEY panic about Snoke's possible TRUE identity.

    Snoke is nowhere to be seen on this poster. I wonder what that means 🤔

    I'm not sharing any more than that because POSSIBLE SPOILERS.

    And many were OUTRAGED that everyone's new fave was not even INCLUDED...first of all, how dare you? So this fan fixed it for us.

    Even the SHAPE of the characters' poses led fans to discover a pretty interesting (possible) Easter Egg.

    @joel_jonn @namestaken12 @AnnoyingVulture @MrDalekJD @DeathlyiAm @starwars Oh ok @starwars #TheLastJedi... Very cle…

    Like...I honestly don't know how I feel about this.

    But what do YOU think about the poster? Let's hear all your thoughts, theories, angry-rants-about-me-enjoying-a-thing-and-talking-about-it-like-an-excited-child in the comments below!