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    Leslie Jones Live Tweeting About Jon Snow Touching Drogon Is Hilarious

    "I make these bitches cream, even if you a dragon! That's what I do!"

    By now, we should all be fully aware that Leslie Jones is the undisputed queen of tweeting about Game of Thrones.

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    Late Night With Seth Meyers / NBC

    And also the undisputed queen of my heart.

    In fact, she tends to become all of us any time anything GoT-related is happening, like when she met the cast last year and geeked TF out.

    Damn. "You know nothing Jon snow" hoooooooottt!!

    Even some of her *famous friends* have noticed her live-tweeting, and tune in for her commentary alongside the show.

    My homegirl @Lesdoggg live play by play commentary on @GameOfThrones is some of the funniest shit I've ever heard.…

    But last night she really outdid herself hilarity-wise with her tweets about the now-infamous moment between Jon "Bend Your Own Goddamn Knee" Snow and Drogon.


    More like Jon "Make Me Weak in the Knees" Snow, AMIRIGHT?

    First, Drogon approaches and our boy DGAF.

    Jon Snow like I don't give a fuck bitch! I ha e seen white walkers I ain't bending shit!!

    Then he works those *magic hands*.

    Y'all not telling me this boy ain't a Targeryn!! Is that how you spell it! Fuck that give him a dragon!! He could k…

    "Jesus Wept he so fine!!"

    Even the dragon can't resist Jon Snow!! Oooooo touch me again king of the north. Denarys YOU need to bend a knee! J…

    But FR Leslie... FOR. REAL.

    "I make these bitches cream!" Even if you a dragon!! That's what do!!

    For more incredibly quotable tweets from this episode (or really any GoT episode, for that matter), be sure to check out her Twitter, because it does not disappoint.

    Saturday Night Live / NBC

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