Sorry In Advance, But Here Are The 20 Titles Leaving Netflix In May 2023

    A lot of my comfort watches are on here, so I'm trying hard not to take this personally.

    Y'all, there's a lot of great stuff leaving Netflix this month, but I swear, it isn't my fault!

    So, here are the 20 titles that are unfortunately leaving Netflix in May 2023:

    Leaving the week of May 1:

    A dog in traditional Indian garb (no really)

    Leaving the week of May 7:

    A police officer searches the dark with his phone flashlight

    Leaving the week of May 14:

    A man and a woman kiss

    Leaving the week of May 21:

    A man writes at his desk

    Leaving the week of May 28:

    But don't worry, Netflix is also giving us a whole bunch of incredible new movies and TV shows. Be sure to also check out everything coming to Netflix in May 2023!