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    The "Knives Out" Trailer Has So Many Stars In It, It's Going To Need Its Own Galaxy

    Murder! A-list actors! Chris Evans in a cable-knit sweater!

    Look, I'm not going to waste any time here: Knives Out — a murder mystery from Star Wars: The Last Jedi writer/director Rian Johnson — has a new trailer, and it has LITERALLY everything anyone could ever want in it.

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    The story is simple enough: A famous mystery author (played by living legend Christopher Plummer) dies under ~odd~ circumstances during his 85th birthday celebration, and absolutely EVERYONE in proximity to the house is a suspect.

    While the story may be simple, the cast is ABSOLUTELY WILD. No really, this movie has so many stars, it's going to need its own are just a FEW of the actors appearing in the film:

    We have Jamie Lee Curtis as the daughter of the recently deceased author, absolutely killing it in a fitted pink suit. Like, I don't know if she murdered this man, but she certainly SLAYED THE WHOLE GAME in this outfit.

    And Daniel Craig as a suspicious detective doing the absolute MOST with whatever the heck accent he's using's incredible.

    Next up is the incredibly talented LaKeith Stanfield — who's playing a lieutenant traveling alongside Craig's detective — and I'm already pumped to see these two banter together.

    Plus, we have icon Toni Collette as a ditzy "lifestyle guru." Seriously, who's been reading my diary???

    And 13 Reasons Why's Katherine Langford as Collette's daughter, who is, ironically, one of the many reasons why I'm counting down the days to this movie's release.

    And last but not by any means least, we have Chris Evans — aka America's Ass — as Plummer's grandson, wearing a white cable-knit sweater and tan jacket and swearing like a sailor, all of which is a CONCEPT.

    Needless to say, this one's going to be a RIDE from start to finish. So be sure to catch Chris Evans in a cable-knit sweater (and, like, the entire plot of this gorgeous movie and stuff) when Knives Out hits theaters Nov. 27!