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    19 Times Keanu Reeves Was Peak Keanu Reeves In The 2010s

    The time he revealed that he almost changed his name to "Chuck Spidina."

    1. The time he took part in our Puppy Interview, and it was almost too adorable to be legal:

    2. The time he revealed that he almost legally changed his name to "Chuck Spidina" or "Templeton Page Taylor" because film executives didn't think his real name sounded like a "movie star" name:


    3. The time he basically invented the word "breathtaking" during a surprise appearance at E3 2019:

    TFW Keanu Reeves calls you breathtaking 😍

    4. The time he and the equally iconic Winona Ryder realized that they may (accidentally) be legally married to each other in real life due to a wedding scene they shot together in Bram Stoker's Dracula:

    Columbia Pictures

    5. And the time their incredible relationship was, overall, genuine friendship goals forever:

    keanu reeves talking about why he loves winona ryder is a real mood

    6. The time he moved us all to literal tears with this profound answer to an impossible question:


    7. The time when the flight he was on landed unexpectedly and, instead of going full ~movie star~, he hung out with his fellow passengers and entertained them with facts about the area:

    8. The time he had to film a threesome scene with director Eli Roth's wife, and he was absolutely hilarious about it:

    Larry Busacca / Getty Images

    "I mean, those scenes are always weird," Keanu said. "But Eli created a great situation of trust in rehearsal...but eventually you've got to strip naked and simulate, and I wasn't going to be that guy who was like, 'Hey Eli, your wife's hot!' Yeah no, he was really cool about it and we all...had fun."

    9. The time that the internet found photographic evidence of his gentlemanly ways:

    Lol Keanu ain’t taking no chances. 😂😂

    10. The time that he was the best part of Always Be My Maybe* by playing an "exaggerated version" of himself:


    *Which is saying a lot, because the entire film is amazing.

    11. The time someone spotted him giving up his seat on a train so that someone else could sit:


    12. The time that he was the greatest action hero of all time, John Wick, in three arguably* perfect movies:

    Summit Entertainment

    *And by "arguably," I mean that you can argue with yourself because they ARE perfect.

    13. The time he gushed about his love of motorcycles for 12 minutes straight and his passion made me — a person who knows nothing about motorcycles — re-watch the video like 45 times:

    GQ / Via

    14. The time he admitted to crushing on Sandra Bullock while shooting Speed:


    15. The time he waited in line for 20 minutes to get inside of his own wrap party because he didn't want to be rude:

    Marc Piasecki / Getty Images

    “Keanu was really patiently waiting,” Chauffeur Ronny Sunshine said. “I don’t think he said anything to the bouncer, like, ‘I’m Keanu.’ No one recognized him.”

    16. The time he blessed us with SEVERAL of the best memes of the decade by doing NOTHING but being himself:

    17. The time Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, admitted to approaching him for "every film" they make because OF COURSE they do:

    Jesse Grant / Getty Images

    “We talk to him for almost EVERY film we make,” Feige said. “We talk to Keanu Reeves about. I don’t know when, if, or ever he’ll join the MCU, but we very much want to figure out the right way to do it.”

    18. The time that he had no idea how much the internet worshipped him because of course he didn't:

    Keanu Reeves had no idea he was the internet's latest boyfriend. 😂

    19. And finally, the time he and artist Alexandra Grant made their red carpet debut as a couple and all but completely stole our hearts with their coolness:

    Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

    As the wise Dido once said: "I will go down with this ship."