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    19 Jokes About Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Stepping Down That Are — Yeah, I'll Say It — Prime

    And his resignation only took two days to get there!

    ICYMI, Amazon head and "I'm sorry, HOW MUCH wealth does this one, single person have?! That seems like maybe...too much wealth for one person?" human man, Jeff Bezos, stepped down yesterday, transitioning from his role as CEO to an "Executive Chair of the Amazon Board" position.

    A message from Jeff Bezos to Amazon employees earlier today.

    Anyway, you already KNOW Twitter came through with the jokes. So, with all of that in mind, here are just a few of the funniest reactions to the news:

    1. This job-ending error:

    My 2-day Amazon Prime package took three days to get to me and now Jeff Bezos is out of a job. In other words, don't fuck with me.

    Twitter: @WilliamAder

    2. This liked resignation:

    [Amazon Head Office] JEFF BEZOS: Here is my resignation as CEO BOARD MEMBER: Ok, thanks JEFF BEZOS: I see you’ve liked my resignation. Perhaps you’d like these other resignations

    Twitter: @TheToddWilliams

    3. This IRL comic book villain:

    Breaking News: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to step down in order to pursue his life-long goal of becoming Lex Luthor.

    Twitter: @SethyPoo

    4. This A+ pun:

    I’m shocked Jeff Bezos would walk away from Amazon in his Prime.

    Twitter: @dougboneparth

    5. This millennial-friendly advice:

    Jeff Bezos is retiring at the old age of 57! Did you know that you could retire much earlier by making your coffee at home and investing in a low cost S&P 500 index fund?

    Twitter: @ParikPatelCFA

    6. This unnecessary packaging:

    Jeff Bezos delivering his single-page letter of resignation

    Twitter: @UniversalExile

    7. This perfect pun:

    Twitter: @jazz_inmypants

    8. This job application:

    Me filing for the Amazon CEO position on Indeed after Jeff Bezos steps down

    Twitter: @ShreddaSosa

    9. This nightmare come true:

    Jeff Bezos worked long, difficult hours for little pay to fulfill his lifelong dream of making other people work long, difficult hours for little pay.

    Twitter: @Sundae_Gurl

    10. This anniversary:

    Jeff Bezos resigned on the 1 year anniversary of this tweet

    Twitter: @arya_kidding_me

    11. This simple statement:

    my statement re. Me taking over the role of Amazon CEO from Jeff Bezos:

    Twitter: @ZacharyRuane

    12. This horror movie transformation:

    Jeff Bezos final form after stepping down as Amazon’s CEO

    Twitter: @StanLewis_

    13. This simple similarity:

    i’m just like jeff bezos (unemployed)

    Twitter: @showmetheyamz

    14. This realistic speech:

    Twitter: @DrWallkick

    15. This overwhelming choice:

    I heard Amazon was so overwhelmed by the search results for CEO contenders with 4.5 star reviews they finally gave in and went with the recommended pick.

    Twitter: @yayalexisgay

    16. This disguise that's too turtley for the turtle club:

    Jeff Bezos trying to blend back into society


    17. This key difference:

    Jeff Bezos stepping down meanwhile I’m stepping up that’s the difference between us 🤷‍♂️

    Twitter: @mayihavepain

    18. This bio update:

    jeff bezos about to change his twitter bio to ✨building something new ✨

    Twitter: @abenaanim21

    19. And finally — this...just...very silly tweet:

    who is justin jeff bezos

    Twitter: @PleaseBeGneiss

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